I’m a man, I don’t have a choice

Some new Abortion laws make the news and I thought to myself, it’s nice to see guys who don’t carry babies make laws for it.  To me there is nothing greater then the miracle of child birth, just the concept for me is mind blowing. Not to sound crass but I blow my load in a girl, then nine months later a baby pops out. It’s like a damn magic trick.

That being said, baby’s are a huge responsbility, and I respect someone who realizes they are not up to such a daunting task. I wish more people were more consciencous. Here’s where my problem lies though, I think the baby deserves a chance at life. There are alot of willing, loving parents out there ready for adoption. No one knows what that baby can, or will become. It breaks my heart when I hear a guy wanting to have a baby, and the women ends up getting an abortion. In the end, there is nothing a guy can do.   

Though as much as I wish more women would have their kids, and put them up for adoption. I am still pro-choice, because being a man I really don’t have a choice, or a right to tell a women what they should do with their body.  I respect the women’s right to do with their life, and body what they want. I just hope that someday if I got a girl pregnant she would love me enough to not just up and decide to get rid of the baby.

I wonder where women lie on this subject, are they pro-life?, pro-choice? Why?  Should the government be sticking their big noses into our lives as much as they do?


13 Responses to “I’m a man, I don’t have a choice”

  1. Better they get rid of it early, as opposed to late. Dumpster babies don’t survive either. I think people in the pro-life camp forget this little fact.

  2. I’m pro-choice, and it makes me so angry that people try to legislate what women can do with their bodies.

    I think a lot of women don’t keep their babies and put them up for adoption because pregnancy is actually very stressful on the body, giving up your baby is emotionally … draining doesn’t quite cover it, and the medical costs of having a healthy baby are a financial burden that many can’t support. While I do feel for men who might want to keep the baby, they’re also not the ones who have to carry it for 9 months, which is a really big experience that would be hard to handle.

  3. Unfortunately, there are many legitimate, medical reasons to end a pregnancy. The problem is, sometimes those medical reasons are not the standard “life or health of the mother” exception that is usually quoted by the pro-life crowd. There are a lot of terrible genetic diseases for babies, and sometimes the parents make the hard choice not to have the baby rather than have a child who will not make it home from the hospital.

    So, how do the laws separate the good reasons from the bad? Well they really can’t. Can you imagine the laws being written to say such-and-such birth defect is an OK reason for abortion, but such-and-such other birth defect is not a good reason.

    Erring on the side of choice will preserve medical options, even if it means that some people will abort perfectly healthy fetuses for non-medical reasons.

  4. Definitely pro-life. I believe life begins at conception and that abortion truly is homicide. A woman choosing abortion isn’t making a choice just for herself. She is making the choice for the father and for the unborn baby. I know this is a wildly unpopular stance in today’s society, but it’s something I feel very strongly about.

    As to the government aspect, it seems strange to me that some of the most corrupt public figures you will ever see are out there trying to legislate morality.

  5. Pro-life here. The woman already made her choice when she took the risk of getting pregnant. At this point, the baby doesn’t belong to the man who fertilized the egg, or the woman who carried a fetus, that life belongs to the child. I have never thought it was fair that a woman could simply choose to end that life. What about this new life’s choice? Who’s to say he/she shouldn’t get a chance? There are so many qualified parents who wait years and years to have a child of their own, and can’t. Why not give them a chance?

    I have two children of my own, the most recent being only 3 weeks own. The thought of him never getting to see the light of day devastates me in ways I can’t describe.

  6. To follow up to the above comments:

    @Grimnir How is dumping a baby in the dumpster at ALL different than murdering a baby in the womb? The life is taken either way. There would be a lot less deaths overall if parents weren’t given the choice.

    @Ori Yes, it is stressful, it is expensive, but it’s your own damn fault. Take responsibility for your actions. It’s not like you can just get drunk, get in a wreck and say, “well, it’s not really convenient for me to go to jail or pay any legal fees, so I’m just not going to.”

    @zelmaru You make a really valid argument here, but I’m not sure the benefits outweigh the costs.

  7. One of the problems with abortion is the fact that some women use it for birth control. It’s sad, but true. I know of one woman who had roughly around six to eight abortions, now she wants to get pregnant and can’t. I can’t help but think, “serves you right.”

    As a woman, and pro choice at that, I feel that there should only be certain circumstances in which a woman should get an abortion, but never for the reason of birth control. Medical reasons, financial reasons, being raped and some other reasons are justified (they escape my mind at the moment) but not simply just because you failed to take birth control.

    The problem is that some men (please note the word SOME) will get a woman pregnant, then once the child is born they skip out, or skip out during the last few months of pregnancy leaving the mother dumbfounded. While adoption is something to consider you also have to consider how some women may not even chose that option, leaving the child in a dumpster or killing it, depending upon the woman. There’s an innate fear that some people have when they put a child up for adoption. There are plenty of children in orphanages and such, if not overflowing with children needing loving homes,which may make some women wonder “what if?” You have to remember not all children get adopted, and I believe this includes babies, though not so much.

    It’s more taxing for the woman to have the child than the man. Like you said, all you have to do is blow your load. That’s pretty much it for the guy, unless of course, he’s a responsible man and takes up the mantle of being a proper father. In that aspect, he’s respectable and at least taking responsibility for his actions. It’s unfortunate that not all men are like that. A woman will always have the fear that she will get left with a child she cannot care for.

    As far as I’m concerned, I do think the government is sticking their noses into things a bit too much. They believe it’s for the benefit for us all, but sometimes I step aside and wonder if it’s really for us all, or just for them to look good.

  8. What’s on tap for tomorrow Riv? Which religion is the right one? Perhaps which party sucks more, Republicans or Democrats? Any other divisive topics that serve no purpose other than to incite arguments and other discord?

  9. Pro-choice here. I don’t believe abortion should be used as a constant birthcontrol method, but there are certain situations where it is a little bit more “tolerated” such as in rape cases. Even then it is questionable, but more understandable (if that makes any sense). Bottom line, people need to really think about their choices in life before they make them. Since I was a teen mother myself, I learned that at a very young age. I wouldn’t give up my oldest for the world and I’m so happy I decided to keep her, but at the same I realize the things I didn’t get to experience in life because of my decision.

  10. I’m pro-limited-choice. I think a raped woman should not be forced to endure 9 more months of remembering the pain of a child that has the genetics to be a rapist. Disease, mothers health are other reasons.

    But if a woman is stupid enough to willingly have a dick unprotected in her vagina, then she better grow the fuck up and except the responsability. Same goes for the douchebag that rammed her.

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