Sibling Rivalry

We Cavelle’s have this temper, and some are quicker to anger then others in my family, once in awhile all of us had snapped for one reason or another. Hell even the most level headed one of us, got into a fight one time over at a bar, because someone said something about her brother, White Chocolate.

Once in a while temper’s would flare, and me and brother would get into it. I mean physically we would knock holes in walls, break shit. One time when I was a freshman I remember laying on the floor watching TV, my head was near the coffee table. My brother had his friend over, and my brother said something to me, I told him to, “Fuck off”  My brother kicks the coffee table, it jacks my head. That’s when I went beserk. I grabbed this huge coffee table, and I was going to smash it over his head, screaming, “I’m going to kill you!”  If it wasn’t for my brother friends grabbing me and the table, and wrestling me to the ground I think I would of really hurt my brother.

As kid’s it’s one thing, but me and my brother got into as adults too. There was a few times of my life where I was laid off, and I got unemployment, and worked for cash. So I had alot of time on my hands, so I would do the main share of chores around the apartment. Though if you lived with roommates, or something and they are not working, and you are. It’s not really a monetary thing, it’s almost like a jealousy thing starts to happen. You sit there and think, “What the hell I bust my hump all day to make ends meet, and here this guy is living the life of Riley, enjoying life, and still getting money in, and paying his bills.” I understand this all to well, I’ve been on both sides of that coin.

Well I hate doing dishes, loathe it. We didn’t have a dishwasher at the time. As for myself I don’t use dishes especially when I lived on my own. God I love me some paper plates. So all the dishes were pretty much my brothers, his girlfriends, or his friends. I was like fuck that I ain’t doing that shit. He can do that. Well they would pile up, and it got really bad. My brother was about to go out with his friend, he was like, “Do the dishes.”  I replied while sitting in the front room, “Fuck you, most of those aren’t mind, you do that shit.”  He screams back, “MOTHER FUCKER, I WORK ALL DAY, YOU DON’T DO SHIT, DO THE GOD DAMN DISHES!”  I calmly answered, “No, don’t think so”  He then proceeds to pick up a glass, and throws it at me. With reflexes straight out of the Matrix movie.  His friend would later say he was amazed at how fast I dodged the glass. I turn around looked at the broken glass, and calmly state, “I’m not cleaning that up either”

In a furious rage, my brother leaves. I ended up doing the dishes, and cleaning the glass because I did feel bad, I really didn’t do shit all day.  Pulling your weight doesn’t always mean going out to work, and bringing home the money, but it means doing your fair share of work.

** Update…My brother is in todays Chicago Tribune, he’s the fat one standing behind the President of the CTA.


3 Responses to “Sibling Rivalry”

  1. It’s good to know my sister and I weren’t the only ones that physically abused one another. My mom might as well have had boys instead of girls. Thrown microwaves, broken windows, you name it, we did it. Most of my allowance money went to pay for damaged property and I spent a lot of my time grounded. But the funny thing is that now that we are older, she is one of my best friends and I trust her with everything in my life. We still get into our little spats sometime, but we aren’t chasing each other through the house with butcher knives anymore. It’s crazy how things work out.

  2. I find it easier to do dishes as soon as you dirty them. You don’t have to fight with it as the hot water and scrubbing makes short work of the leftover food and grime.

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