Monday Hangover

I knew I was in for one of those weekends, when I started after work on Friday. Went to Jamesons which opened up one near me with Torino, and Commando. Jamesons had a real nice deck to sit out and relax and drink some drinks.

Then I met some friends up at JWH later that night. I got a little more drunk then I wanted to, and at the end of the night Angry River was starting to seep out. I met up with some girls, and one of the girls has a habit of talking to like EVERYBODY. So at the end of the night, I was hungry and wanted to eat. So I asked lets go. Well she was still yapping away, Angry River snapped off. “Let’s go…now”

Saturday – Went out to get some Sushi, I do love me some Sushi, then met up with some friends at JWH, then did the Teehans, Durbins thing as well. I drank, but for the most part I was cool like a cucumber. Went home, got a text/call from #1 at 5am which is always nice. “Where are you?”  My reply, “Ahhh Home in my bed”

Sunday – I saw Death at a Funeral, great movie I was laughing my arse off. I swear I was going to just go out for a couple drinks afterwords…So I went up to Durbins, and decided to get the 20 buck all you can drink special for the Chicago Hawks game. It’s a great deal, ya get pizza too. Can’t argue with good math. So I drank…alot. I then went to JWH, and then Teehans. Teehans the Wolf, and Doodlebug, my guitar teacher whom I got a little crush for, I ain’t lying all showed up. Plus with the Snaga up there. It was a party. I closed that place out. Finished the night at Durbins for one last one.

Let’s just say I’m a little rough around the edges today.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Opppss sorry about the phone call. I thought you’d still be out. Very rarely do u go home before 5 am LOL

  2. Why do you get angry when you are drunk? Couldn’t you just have marched your happy ass out of there to get food if you were hungry?

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