Fuck Earth Day

People all around the country are doing their part to “Save the Earth”  Wait what? Save the Earth. Does the Earth really need saving.  I think it’s really arrogant to say that we are destroying the earth, and I have not seen any real proof we are destroying the Earth. Saying we will destroy the Earth, is on the same level as saying the Sun revolves around the Earth, and that the Earth is the center of the Universe.

1. The Earth has cycles of weather, hell it was covered in Ice at one time of its history before we were even around. So don’t you think the pendulum might swing the other way once in a billion years. Ever see the records for weather temps, weather was whacky way before all this shit started, I remember seeing a high of 70 degrees in the middle of January set in like 1923. So yeah were still around.

2. Alot of this earth day is a scam by greedy people, and corporations to make themselves look good, and take in some cash too. Hey we’re green now. Puhleeze. Al Gore is the largest owner of a thing called Carbon Credits. Don’t know what those are. Do some fricking research, and educate yourself before you blindly follow the pack, you lemming.

3. Even though we try to do our part, the rest of the planet isn’t, most of the offenders are third world countries that if  we tell them to go green, they would tell us to shut the fuck up.

So yeah if you feel better about yourself because you pick up an aluminum can, and put it in a special recycle bin, by all means do so. Me I have no illusions about the human race, and I think we are nothing more than cockroaches of the mammal race, and the universe is our dumpster. If we run out of resources, if we destroy the Earth, we’ll just build a spaceship, and go get someones else’s resources. Adaptability thy name is human.

So when you call me selfish and lazy, I quip back that you are arrogant, and ignorant. This piece of dirt we call Earth was around a long time before I got here, and it’s gonna be around a long ass time after I’m gone.


14 Responses to “Fuck Earth Day”

  1. I think the alcohol abuse is finally starting to show in you. If you would do some research yourself, you would find that the people who talk about global warming the deterioration of the environment are almost entirely made up of scientists! Go to your nearest college or university, talk to someone in their geology department and ask them what their research and the research of their colleagues are telling them. There is a problem.

    Also, your rationale is beyond fucking stupid. Why bother helping if others will continue to fuck things up is what you are saying. Cops can’t catch every criminal, so should we just not have cops? By your logic, you would agree with that.

    We aren’t going to another planet. You aren’t living in Star Trek or some other fantasy world.

    PS: Sorry #1, I know you hate it when I type in this tone. lol
    PPS: Sorry Riv, I know your Cub loving self is just begging to die about now lol.

  2. I’ll give you one thing though. Do organizations use themes like earth day to capitalize on people? Fuck yes. That doesn’t mean the cause isn’t worthy because some people choose to profit off it.

  3. I am not saying there isn’t changes occuring, Scientists can tell you that yes, None of them can tell you why. They are split, some say this, some say that. Show me one scientist that says it’s our fault, I’ll show you 20 that say it isn’t.

    By the time this earth is corrupt, how do you know we won’t have interplanetary travel, think the earth is going to blow up tomorrow.

    As in your cop analogy, your wrong we need to have police, because the thought of someone going to catch you deteres people. The thought of this Earth day bullshit doesn’t detere anything least of all 3rd world countries.

  4. You give another example, but again you continue to say the same thing. You still essentially say, “If the system isn’t perfect, why bother doing anything?”

    Green stuff like recycling, etc. are STILL beneficial. Reduce this scenario to 2 people. 1 Person has a plastic bottle and recycles it. 1 person has a plastic bottle and just throws it away. Obviously, this little world is better off even if it’s just one person recycling. 1 piece of trash on the ground, is still better than 2 pieces of trash on the ground. Do you understand yet?

    • theerivs Says:

      Throwing trash on the ground is just rude, that’s different. But if I throw my bottle in the garbage, Why can’t they develop a method to seperate trash at the dump, instead of the archaic method of a seperate dumpster.

      Here’s an idea. Don’t make fucking plastic if everyone is that worried about it. They are not, so fuck em.

      • “Don’t make fucking plastic if everyone is that worried about it. They are not, so fuck em.” = “System isn’t working perfect, why bother doing anything?”

        It isn’t different. Your trash goes to a landfill. Whether you want to admit it or not, putting 1 piece of trash in that landfill is still better than 2 pieces and so on and so on.

  5. Shadow War Says:

    At first I was just going to say, “Fuck yeah!”. But then mike went and got all serious.

    Concensus sience is bullshit. It’s not even science, it’s a fucking group opinion. Science is fact, proven reality. Until then, it’s theory. Fuck even without that nugget, how anyone can still defend the organizations that back the man-made GW theory when lookin at the rampant corruption, deception, and bad data backing th idea is beyon me.

    20 years ago it was global cooling. Shit changes but the people remain the same.

    • “Science is fact, proven reality. Until then, it’s theory”

      Sorry, but you are incorrect. Science is not 100% full proof. You may believe in things like gravity, but that is still just a theory.

  6. Its a law that is explained through a theory.

  7. Wow… I have a headache now.

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