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Pic of the Day: I’d Frak that.

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This is Grace Park, she play a Cylon in the newer series of Battlestar Galactica, which I refused to watch for a long while, cause I was old school. I got to say though I’m really liking the show. As you can see by the pic. You can tell why.

This is why I’m proud to be a gamer…

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Gamers the very thought of it conjures ideas of 14 year old boys, or middle aged geeks with no life running around like chickens with their head cut off.

Well it’s times like these when a community comes together for a cause as serious as Breast Cancer that I’m proud to be a Gamer.

Tink is a player of Warhammer Online, and The Community is working together to help her raise awareness, and even the game company joined in. Here’s the story, man once I read it, it touched me truly.

Here’s my little tidbit as I try to help the cause….Lets’ all go Pink for Tink.

So it begins…

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Just got the call from my boss’s boss.

Well my company is being bought out, my immediate supervisor  just took a position with the new company where does that leave me. Holding the bag. More work, same pay. I don’t know what is going to happen to me. Will I have a job in October? I don’t know.

The jobs I really love, always go away. The Jobs I loathe would probably always been there. If I would of stayed FTD, even though I loved the people I worked with, Management were assholes. I would of probably snapped and got fired.

One thing I have to do is get my records sealed, if I’m going to look for a new job, I’m sick of answering for my past every single time. If it was just myself as well I wouldn’t really worry that much, but with everything going on with my Mom. That situation worries me as well.

Though the whole thing kind of worries me, and makes me a little sick to my stomach. I have to come to realize the worst thing that could happen is I get fired….been there…done that.

How did I get into computers?

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Computers are in my blood, it’s my passion if you will. It hasn’t been easy, or straight forward though.

Well when I was little I was given an Atari 2600, and a little game of Adventure. Sure it was a little square moving around with an arrow. But I loved things like the Hobbit, and Dungeons and Dragons. It fed my imagination, as well as games like Combat where I could beat my brother at something. So I fell in love with video games, I would spend my time in arcades, challenging other kids at such games as Street Fighter, and  Mortal Kombat, 

My parents one year asked me what I wanted for my birthday, to my surprise they got it for me. A Commodore 64, My first computer. I got many years of pleasure from that thing. This was the lat 80’s, people didn’t know about Chat Rooms, and Online Games. I was there though, I was in Chat Rooms so much I racked up a 200 dollar phone bill one time, my parents were pissed!. I also pirated games for my friends, and even hacked into McDonalds ordering system once.

In High School, I went to a special school for trades, they had mostly carpenters, and  welders. They also had a class for Computers. I decided that that’s what I wanted. So I would leave half the day go to this school called Sauk Area Career Center, then the rest of the day I would attend my normal High School.  I learned alot in that course, about Mainframes, and programming. I was top of my class there.

When I graduated in 1990, I went right to Moraine Valley Community College, to learn more about Computers. Well at the time they had only Programming courses. I was good at programming so good, I had my work finished months in advanced, and would play video games at Moraines lab. So much so I got yelled at by the computer lab staff. I got bored….I got disillusioned. I didn’t want to be chained to a desk the rest of my life maybe. I don’t know what it was. I quit college to go “Find” myself.

Well I found my way alright into trouble. I had many adventures. In the late 90’s I had enough. I needed to get my life back on track. So I went to Moraine to figure out what I needed to graduate. They said to get my transcripts, and attend there, I needed to pay them off. So I paid my money, and looked at my transcripts, on the bottom it said, “Associates in Science”. I thought it was just my path, what I wanted to get at Moraine, but I asked the lady what does this mean. She looked at me kinda weird. “It means you graduated”….*awkward pause” I replied, “Can I get my diploma?”

So diploma in hand I went to Governors State  University in 1996 to get my Bachelors of Science in Computer Science. While going, there was an opening in the Computer Lab for a person. So I applied and got the job, as I worked there I got in good with the Software Manager of the campus who also ran the Computer Lab, and then he had an opening to help him. After awhile he left for greener pastures, and I tried out for his job. I got the job at Governors State. I was a full-time employee of the State, working on Computers. A dream come true, and while there I got free schooling, so I completed my B.S. in Computer Science…and the rest is history they say.

This career in Computers has not always been easy, I have had some rough patches, and I’m sure I’ll have more. Though I say it has been quite a fun ride, and people seem to need my skills, cause I never lack for people asking me to help them.

Caged Like an Animal

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If you read me for awhile you know I battled depression before. #1 said she’s worried about me, she thinks I may be depressed about something. I know what depression is, this isn’t it. In depression I throw myself into a self destructive mode that I completely go nuts in terms of my vices, gambling, drinking, etc.etc., albiet I do drink alot…it hasn’t been to complete oblivion.

I won’t lie though it isn’t all cherries, and rosebuds in my life, and the living with my mom thing weighs heavily on me these days. With my stepfather not getting better, what I saw as a temporary situation is quickly looking into a permnanent one. I don’t know if I can have that. I’m 37 going on 38 living with my Mom, I know the reasons are right, it still doesn’t sit well with me.

No I’m not feeling depressed, I feel trapped. I moved in with my brother to help him out, but it was a situation if he pissed me off enough I could just pack up my shit and leave. This is different, I can’t just pick up and leave anytime I want. With my brother there was still a degree of freedom. I could come and go where, and when I please. With my Mom this isn’t possible, because of the situation. In case of an emergency I have to be accounted for.  

My Mom I love her to death, but I think she lost it. Really I think she did. I know it must be rough for her. and I am not saying it isn’t.  Ok give you an example. When I am at home, I just want to be left alone. Ever since I was a young child, I would just like to be left alone in my room and do my thing. I haven’t changed, hmm I don’t know 33 years. She makes these remarks to my brother, “He’s like a ghost”, or says to me, “You can come out and visit once in awhile.”  This fucking pisses me off, I am not co-dependent, I am not touchy feely. It’s who I am, it’s who I always been. I will do what is asked of me, but I’m not going to sit around and veg out in front of the TV with you, I don’t even like TV.

Do I regret doing what I did? No. I would do it again. It was the right thing, and I will keep doing the right thing. It does chaff on me at times though, but I’ll get use to it…I hope.

Monday Hangover

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After weekends like this I turn into Dr. Smith from the Old School show Lost In Space. I keep saying “Oh the Pain…the Pain”….

Friday I was a good boy, and stayed in…thats where the good boy stopped.

Saturday I had to go to a wake, a friend of mine’s mother passed. I can’t deal with death very well, so I stopped with Jackass for a couple before the wake. When we get there, it’s just amazing to me how many people we touch in our lifes, and we don’t really realize it until we’re gone.  They have a website to journal a persons fight with a major disease they set up for my friend’s mom, I wrote something down on there. My friend, and his girlfriend said it was one of their favorite, and it touched them both. I wrote a little measage and I quoted a Psalm from the bible, and even though I’m not that religous I feel the Bible is one of the better books out there. It’s filled with hope, and has an ideal that we should strive for.  Towelie commented how Jackass smelled like booze, and cigarettes, I had to laugh.

Later that night it was Torino’s 30th Birthday, this is where I get really bad. Commando splurged and put out a great spread. I still can’t stop thinking about those little tortilla wraps with some salsa on it. Holy poop they were good. Anywho it was all you can drink that night and we started at 6:30. Let’s just say it got a little nuts at the end. Some highlights that I could remember.

* I bought cherry bombs for the guys, which is UV cherry, and red bull. What I gave the birthday boy was Bacardi 151, with red bull. His face was priceless.

*People assumed that me and OCD bumped uglies, I was laughing my ass off. I played ignorant, I like to get people’s imaginations going.  I love rumors, they are very entertaining when I hear about them. Did we do the horizontal mambo?No we didn’t, but then again you don’t have to be horizontal to do stuff, do you? LOL!

*The band April’s Reign was playing, and taking video there. When they played Sweet Home Alabama, I took the tamborine and started jamming with the band.

*Jackass and my friend who for today I will call the Boot, had a dancing with the Stars moment, where Boot twirled Jackass very gay like.

*I strutted my dance moves more then once with several different girls, how the hell I remained upright is beyond me.

*You know your have a good time when the practically the whole bar is screaming, “Dave got a boner!” then would scream other people’s names. Also you know which girl is drunk when they hop in and scream, “I got a boner!, I got a boner!”

*I gave Torino the nail in the coffin, another shot of 151,  Then when he fell to the ground, and had to carry him to the cab. I just know the pain he felt the next morning. I feel bad for giving him 151, but between my brother and me it’s like a right of passage if you will, on each other’s birthdays when we go out drinking we try to get each other fucked up. Torino, Tallegdega, Towelie, Boot, Jackass, The German. These guys are more then friends to me. They are more like my family, so getting them fucked up is like my own personal way of saying that I think of them as brothers.

* End of the night I was supposed to meet #1 at the Olympic Star, a 24 hour greek restaurant. Well I let time get away from me, cause I was talking to this waitress. Then I text her back she was pissed at me, so I called her like 17 times. She never did pick up. I think she’s still sour at me. If I got pissed at everyone who ditched me at the end of the night, I wouldn’t have any friends. It happens. Their drunks deal with it.

Sunday – I rolled in at about 5:30am, I had to work got there about 10:30am  which was a little rough. Got done with work at around 1pm, I wanted to get something to eat. So I texted my friend Jackass, told him I was going to Durbins to grab a bite to eat…Well the Blackhawks game was on, and JWH was having a buffet with all you can drink for 26 bucks, with the 2 dollars shots. The owner then whipped something out, and goes I got a shot for you. It was Absinthe. It tasted like you lit a black Chuckle on fire, and while flaming stuck it in your mouth. It actually made my face numb. It was rough goings on. and when I got home I just fell asleep.

Overall a very rough weekend, but really fun and worth it. Had a great time, and I got to give another shout out to Commando for tossing a great party everyone had fun. Great way to kick off another Summer.

Photo Friday: The Hills have eyes…

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and boobs!

Strange goings on.

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So last night I go drop off a bartender bottle opener that somehow ended up in my pocket Sunday night. I was walking in, and in the alley alcove behind the bar one of my favorite waittresses called to me, “Hey you.”  She was smoking, and I replied, “Hellloo. What’s going on here?”  We chatted a bit, then she goes, “Do you like Banana Bread?”  I replied, “Is the Pope Catholic? ”  Hell yes he is.  So she went in to the bar, and returned with a alumunim foil wrapped thing, like it was a pound of weed or something. It was funny, it just seemed like a seedy scene from a movie. Though it is like drugs cause this stuff is the bomb, it’s bananna bread with chocolate chips, and like a vanilla frosting.

I’d do a hit for her this stuff is that good. 

After that I went over to one of Jackasses exgirlfriends, she called me out of the blue to fix her computers. We were friends before Jackass started dating, and the reason why we don’t really talk isn’t because Jackass broke up with her, it’s cause her best friend dates a person I loathe now, and would probably beat the shit out of if I saw hime drunk.  I am good at what I do, and I work cheaper then a 2 dollar whore. So now I’m heading to Vegas. I fifgured I’m gonna charge this chick.  I work on a couple different computers for about an hour and a half, and I’m almost done. She goes I got you a gift, a big bottle of Grey Goose. Vodka not my drink of choice but it’s a 30-40 dollar bottle of booze. I don’t refuse so when I’m done. Original plan was to charge her 50 bucks, totally reasonable cause Geek Squad would of charged 200 bucks no doubt, alas I don’t have the heart to ask her for money.

I’m mad at myself, I’m such a pussy, but at least I’m a banana bread eating, drunken pussy

10 Reasons Why I love my Penis.

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Or for you Amish, why I like being a man.

10. Makeup – Work to put it on, and the shit is expensive yo….

9.  Chicks are always cold – Sometimes I just want to roll around naked in the snow.

8.  Pee Anywhere – Line too long in the Mens Bathroom at that very rare moment, nothing a trip to the parking lot can’t fix. 

7.  Shoes– People with Vaginas love fricking shoes for some reason…I got 3 pairs – Workout Gym, Everyday Gym, Dress Shoes.

6. I can walk in dark alleys in the middle of the night – No one is really going to bother me, Sure I’m a big guy, but most guys can act crazy and no one screws with them.

5. Yeast Infections – I don’t even want to talk about this.

4. Women grow little humans inside themselves  – You know what else popped out of someone’s belly…Aliens.

3. Auto Mechanics – Don’t try to screw us…in more ways in one. Well as often anyway.

2. Periods – Cycles, Tampons, Pads, Cramps, Midol….really the list goes on and it all sucks. For this alone I grab my penis and say thank you baby jesus.

1. Men are scum, and douchebags. – As great as I want to say us men are, I’ve done some pretty shitty things in my life, and so have my other penis wearing friends. If I had to put up with dudes like me, and my friends. I would seriously try to grow a penis.

If your a guy why do you love your penis, or if your a chick why do you love having a vagina?

Ode to Facebook

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In terms of technological trends, I usually am hip to things before the mass public get’s wind of it, and destroys it. I remember I was on Myspace long..long before it became popular. I remember in the early 2000’s. I think it was just me and Tom. Then the sexual predators, and 12 year old whores ruined it. 

Facebook, I think I had 2 friends for the longest time, a couple of techies like me, then it started to take off. At first it was pretty cool finding people you haven’t seen in years, and friends of friends adding you. I went from 2 people to having 480 friends. After seeing status after status where it’s usually people complaining, people being lemmings, and reposting for a cause, or some update for some farm they are making.

My contempt for Facebook grew, here is this wonderful tool and people are ruining it. I decided in my utter contempt, I will always post just goofy, and sometime vile crap.  Nothing was taboo from stinky cooches, to lesbian love.  I think I once posted the size of a dump I took. In my defense it was huge though.

After watching a South Park Episode poking fun at Facebook, I came to realize it is silly. So I decided to take a step back. Now I just closed my account, because this is in no way final. Just taking a break really. Breaking away from the herd a bit, and go adventure on the other side of the mountain.

#1 says I’ll be back, and she’s probably right, but I find it really funny when about 10 people asked if I quit cause they pissed me off somehow. Wow the vanity of some people!.

One thing I miss is giving people shit, but here’s something that’s funny.