Monday Hangover

What a weekend…

Friday I stayed in cause I knew the next few days may be a little rough.

Saturday I went with Geek Princess to an Anime Convention. Oh my gosh, what fun, and strange. I scored Press Passes and I was able to interview some peeps. To be honest I don’t know much if anything about Anime. I am a little disappointed I didn’t get much free stuff, but I think they gave most of the stuff away at a night press meeting. I’ll try to get some cool pics up later. I’ll be going into more detail on my gaming blog site. Geeks Princess daughter and friends dressed up as Naruto charactors, It’s cook Geek’s raising Geeks. LOL!. I feel cheated though where the hell were these girls when I was growing up. Oh well. Bottomline it was a great time, and I hope she had a great time with me.

After I got my geek on, it was time to get my drink on. I went to JWH, and got the drink special. All you can drink…and I drank all I could. Lot of holes in my memory from that night. I saw some people I haven’t seen in a bit, like Torino, Commando, Towelie, RJ, Nascar, #1, Talladega, the list goes on. Even The German came out. I got to be nice to him, he’s gonna be a thousand-aire soon. With all my friends there it was a great, great time. Well at least I had a great time. Don’t really know what happened to them. I disappeared, and went to Teehans, and then to Durbins. I think I danced, and drank. Ended up on a park bench philosophising with my friend Jackass about life. Then headed to Olympic Star to get my grub on. I hate when I get really drunk and order food. I order some wierd stuff when I get drunk, like  I got corned beef hash….wtf? I really not too crazy about corned beef hash.  Also in my drunken state I made a decision to remove myself from the Facebook rat race, for lot of reasons which I’ll go into later. I’m just done with that.

Sunday – I went out for a few with this girl. She was having a rough day, and needed someone to get fucked up with…and I was her man. This girl has a man in her life she loves to death, and who doesn’t love her back that much. The guy is a friend of mine, and I won’t berate him, but it makes me angry. Here is a girl who loves you, cares for you, and would do anything for you who is very pretty, fun to be around, and cool as hell. You toss that away for what? You know what I would sell my soul to have a girl love me that much. Loves me so much she is crying into her drink over me. Yet this guy tosses it away, like nothing. Something she said to me though sticks with me, “Do you know about love? ” I never replied to her. I really don’t know about love, though sadness, pain, loss these things I know all too well. I thought I loved girls before but in retrospect not a true love, more of a possessive, or selfish love. Immature things that weren’t deep or really true. I think true love is being able to go beyond the self. It transcends just you. No I don’t know what that it is. As I walked alone back to the bars awash in the flickering orange lights of the street lamps, in the cool night air.  I felt in the moment,  zenlike, and kind of free. Like I knew my place in the universe. All this drama, all the trappings of life is really fleeting. The song “Dust in the Wind” It’s so true it isn’t even funny. Especially the line, ” I close my eyes for a moment, and the moment is gone”   All my worries, all my concerns are really nothing, in 2 or 3 generations after I am dust, I will be a lone branch on one of my future generations family tree project. They will not care how I lived, loved, or died. At that moment when it hits me of the futility of it all. I breathe in some night air, look at the sky and in the defiance of the futilness of it, I come to realize this thing called life, with all the pain and suffering that there is alot of good. I would not want to be any other place. Whether or not I will ever find my true love, I will continue searching, but until then… I go to the next bar to celebrate life.

I  headed to Durbins where I met up with Uncle Mike, and Old Man Don. Got to talking, and laughing. Then I get the text. “Are you out?”  I have come to learn I have no willpower whatsoever. Food, Whiskey, and Women I can not say no to.  So I go meet this girl at Teehans, and we had a good time, then I hear those words I dread when I’m out on a Sunday…”LAST CALL!!!”


I roll in bout 2:30am.


One Response to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Geek Princess Says:

    Oh I had a blast darlin, thanks for going with me. And I’m really looking forward to June that should be way more fun for us. I’m thinking about getting one of those Frakkin Toasters t shirts to wear. Not really dressing up but still gettin into the mood.

    Too bad about your friend from Sunday, I know her too and I think she’s a smart cookie and she will eventually get through this fine. She did tell me though how grateful she is to have a friend like you and how much she appreciated the ride home 😉

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