Monday Hangover

After weekends like this I turn into Dr. Smith from the Old School show Lost In Space. I keep saying “Oh the Pain…the Pain”….

Friday I was a good boy, and stayed in…thats where the good boy stopped.

Saturday I had to go to a wake, a friend of mine’s mother passed. I can’t deal with death very well, so I stopped with Jackass for a couple before the wake. When we get there, it’s just amazing to me how many people we touch in our lifes, and we don’t really realize it until we’re gone.  They have a website to journal a persons fight with a major disease they set up for my friend’s mom, I wrote something down on there. My friend, and his girlfriend said it was one of their favorite, and it touched them both. I wrote a little measage and I quoted a Psalm from the bible, and even though I’m not that religous I feel the Bible is one of the better books out there. It’s filled with hope, and has an ideal that we should strive for.  Towelie commented how Jackass smelled like booze, and cigarettes, I had to laugh.

Later that night it was Torino’s 30th Birthday, this is where I get really bad. Commando splurged and put out a great spread. I still can’t stop thinking about those little tortilla wraps with some salsa on it. Holy poop they were good. Anywho it was all you can drink that night and we started at 6:30. Let’s just say it got a little nuts at the end. Some highlights that I could remember.

* I bought cherry bombs for the guys, which is UV cherry, and red bull. What I gave the birthday boy was Bacardi 151, with red bull. His face was priceless.

*People assumed that me and OCD bumped uglies, I was laughing my ass off. I played ignorant, I like to get people’s imaginations going.  I love rumors, they are very entertaining when I hear about them. Did we do the horizontal mambo?No we didn’t, but then again you don’t have to be horizontal to do stuff, do you? LOL!

*The band April’s Reign was playing, and taking video there. When they played Sweet Home Alabama, I took the tamborine and started jamming with the band.

*Jackass and my friend who for today I will call the Boot, had a dancing with the Stars moment, where Boot twirled Jackass very gay like.

*I strutted my dance moves more then once with several different girls, how the hell I remained upright is beyond me.

*You know your have a good time when the practically the whole bar is screaming, “Dave got a boner!” then would scream other people’s names. Also you know which girl is drunk when they hop in and scream, “I got a boner!, I got a boner!”

*I gave Torino the nail in the coffin, another shot of 151,  Then when he fell to the ground, and had to carry him to the cab. I just know the pain he felt the next morning. I feel bad for giving him 151, but between my brother and me it’s like a right of passage if you will, on each other’s birthdays when we go out drinking we try to get each other fucked up. Torino, Tallegdega, Towelie, Boot, Jackass, The German. These guys are more then friends to me. They are more like my family, so getting them fucked up is like my own personal way of saying that I think of them as brothers.

* End of the night I was supposed to meet #1 at the Olympic Star, a 24 hour greek restaurant. Well I let time get away from me, cause I was talking to this waitress. Then I text her back she was pissed at me, so I called her like 17 times. She never did pick up. I think she’s still sour at me. If I got pissed at everyone who ditched me at the end of the night, I wouldn’t have any friends. It happens. Their drunks deal with it.

Sunday – I rolled in at about 5:30am, I had to work got there about 10:30am  which was a little rough. Got done with work at around 1pm, I wanted to get something to eat. So I texted my friend Jackass, told him I was going to Durbins to grab a bite to eat…Well the Blackhawks game was on, and JWH was having a buffet with all you can drink for 26 bucks, with the 2 dollars shots. The owner then whipped something out, and goes I got a shot for you. It was Absinthe. It tasted like you lit a black Chuckle on fire, and while flaming stuck it in your mouth. It actually made my face numb. It was rough goings on. and when I got home I just fell asleep.

Overall a very rough weekend, but really fun and worth it. Had a great time, and I got to give another shout out to Commando for tossing a great party everyone had fun. Great way to kick off another Summer.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Since you’ve decided to announce this on a public forum, I will respond publicly as well. I am not mad because you didn’t go to The Star. I am pissed because I had text you and called you to see if you were still planning on meeting me there -all while I was sitting in the parking lot, waiting for you. You didn’t even have the courtesy of texting back to say u weren’t going to make it. Then you start blowing up my phone at 5-5:30 am asking me where I’m at. Drunk or not, its still inconsiderate. And from what I recall, I never even got an ‘Oopps I apologize’ from you, instead I get a public blog response of ‘deal with it.’ So you can kiss my sun burned ass River.

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