Long Hangover.

Well I’m back to work after a few days off, and tell you the truth I’m kind of glad to be back….I was doing too much damage to my liver.

Friday – I went out drinking right after work. Met the German up at JWH, we had some free pizza, and some adult beverages. The German had something to do so he left, I think he mentioned slaying Death Knights or something. So I stayed out until about 9pm, I went home a little early.

Saturday – I didn’t go out until later, everyone else had something else going on, and I didn’t want to get to hammered. I had to go visit my Grandma on Sunday and celebrate my Grandfathers 87th birthday. So I headed out did the usual tour of JWH, Teehans then Durbins. At JWH I ran into a friend, he was really hammered. Kind of upset he disappeared, I sure the hell hope he didn’t drive. He was in a bad place indeed. At Teehans, and Durbins it was pretty uneventful. Went to Olympic Star, met up with a Red Sister, I’ll call her Fredo, like the Godfather movie.  These 2 friends of mine, happened to take a picture in their underwear having a pillow fight. The girl taking the picture got their permission to send it to me. Now these girls are my friends, so I wasn’t all crazy insane over this picture. I thought it was hilarious though. I went to breakfast with Fredo,  so I showed Fredo the picture cause Fredo is related to one of the girls…..Fredo right away texted one of the girls, and told “OMG your sending dirty pics to River”  Big deal if I want to the beach with these girls it be the same thing,  Yea I’m jaded, you spend half your lifetime trying to remove it, and see as much porn as I do this tends to happen. Now if I was in the picture…Now we’re talking LOL!

Sunday – Went to a friends family picnic, then headed to JWH, hung out with my friends, and even the German made an appearance. It started to get a little crazy later in the night, I started wearing a linen napkin as a dew rag, like a suburban version of Tupac. I knew it was one of those nights when Fredo’s sister starts dancing on a chair.  Me and Geek Princess get into it on what’s the Elvish word for Friend in the Fellowship. I thought it was “Melloch”, she said it was “Mellon” .. We made a friendly wager…I lost to my chagrin.  Fucking Tolkien.  The Princess, Fredo, her Sister, and their boy toys went to Dendrinos, which was ok….then I asked if the Princess wanted to go to Kickoffs. I was just joking, she agreed. It was dead at Kickoffs, so we only had a drink and a shot…the Shot was Patron though, and it was the biggest shot I ever seen, HUGE.  I downed it, but it was like downing battery acid. At the end of the night we hit Olympic Star.

Monday – It was the Hawks game all you can drink special, and after the I closed Durbins with a waitress, and bartender. I walked them to their cars, I told them to check for Zombies in the backseat. after they left. The waitress text me saying, “Did you check for Zombies?” I texted back, “Zombies check for me in their backseats”  She texted me back that I was “One crazy bastard”…She’s right.

Tuesday  – Got my car fixed, and saw Prince of Persia. It was an Ok movie, not the best, but ok.

Also #1 is having some health issues, I hope things work out. I know how scary some of this stuff could be. Wishing her the best of luck.

7 Responses to “Long Hangover.”

  1. Thanks Riv, whatever it is, I’m sure I’ll tough through it just like I always do. You aren’t getting out of buying me those 5 jager bombs, so don’t get your hopes up.

  2. I saw McGruber. It was funnier than I expected. I’m still lmao about sone of the shit in that movie. Hope you get better soon #1! I don’t know you, but it sucks to gave health issues. I had issues around Christmas and needed surgery.

    Go see McGruber! The bad guys last name is CUNTh if that gives you any indication about the humor. The trailers do the movie no justice

  3. Hey Riv-

    Just got your text about going to the movies tomorrow. Now that i’m reading all these responses I’m afraid I can’t go. Gotta wash my hair.

    P.S. Hope you get well soon #1!

  4. Thank you everyone for the well wishes!

    Riv, um if you can’t get a hooker to fuck you, what makes you think she’d go to the movies with you?

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