More Time then Money

#1 is having some fun with the Court System, thought I would share a little adventure I had with you. 

I got a ticket which I had to appear in court for. So I show up to court as the ticket said. I am in court and I noticed the Police Officers were from a different town. Hmmm so I went to the Clerk, and showed them my ticket. The lady said, there was a mistake and that the court date on the ticket was wrong. There was a warrant for my arrest issued.  I would be taken into custody shortly.

That’s when I snapped. So I screamed, “So your fuck up I have to go to jail. Fuck you Mother Fuckers!.” After a tirade that would put a Tourette’s victim to shame, the Sheriffs came. I screamed “Take me to Jail, I got more Time then Money BITCHES!”

As I was sitting and cooling my heals in Bridgeview Courthouse, You get to start to talking with other people since you have nothing better to do. You know some of these people aren’t really bad people, they just had fucked up lives. I think crime is a poverty thing, and if we elimnated poverty we would eliminate crime.

Observations aside, later  I noticed a black gentleman mouthing off, spitting at the walls, and being a total disturbance, an officer told him to calm down, the guy said “FUCK YOU!”  Well after much aggravation on both ends, about 6 officers went in the cell, and the guy was beaten pretty badly. So much so I found out the guy died in the newspaper.

Going to jail ain’t no joke that’s for sure.


4 Responses to “More Time then Money”

  1. Wow, I’ve never even been in a cop car. Never been pulled over and to think they beat a guy to death in front of you in jail. I’m thinking I’ll play it safe if I ever get a speeding ticket and not tell anybody to fuck off.

  2. Scary, you are a goody-goody. You need some excitement in your life!

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