Monday Hangover

My Hangover started Thursday, I took a girl out. We went to a nice steak joint, and then went out for drinks later. I went to the Tilted Kilt, and sang some Karoake with a live Band. It’s really cool, and different. It’s like having the band experience almost. I drank way…way too much. Rolling in at 2am when you got to work the next day hurts.

Friday came and I drank so much Amp, My piss was neon green. I ain’t lying bout that either. Friday night was the Hawks game, all you can drink for 25 bucks, and all my friends there, and a decent band. Even though I needed a nap really bad, I downed another Amp, and headed out.  I brought a girl with me, and old friend I’ll call her the Dago Princess. Trying to hook her up with the German. The German is probably one of thee most loyalist and good hearted friends I have. Hell he put up with a right bastard of a friend for years, and he puts up with me, and my antics. The Dago Princess had sort of a hard life, and she needs a man to treat her right. I really do hope they hook up, and maybe live happily ever after. 

 I know I did some inappropriate stuff. I just can’t remember ALOT of it. I just remember being at Durbins and thinking to myself, Damn this bartender is hot. LOL!

So me Torino, Jackass, Dago Princess went back to Jackass’s crib. Poor Commando had to work early, like 4:30am early so she crashed at Jackass’s earlier. Yeah we woke her up. We watched the Movie Superbad, man I love that movie. Then I went home.

Slept like the Undead Saturday, and stayed in Sunday cause I was feeling a little under. I also went back to Facebook, cause Thursday when I saw my friends band, I realized I got alot of the updates through Facebook about the band, and I missed that. So I created an alias for Facebook, just something a little more safe.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Sorry I missed all of the fun. I decided to be a good girl this weekend. With the exception of a couple of beers at lunch on Saturday afternoon, I was alcohol free. It felt pretty nice waking up without a hangover.

  2. Dago Princess Says:

    lol aww how sweet! thanks riv! Had a awesome time that friday! We need to all get together again! Ill make sure the German doesnt wonder off and walk all the way home next time. lol Things have been going very well with me and the kraut oh i mean ****(edited, tsk tsk…no names~Riv) lol j/k Thank you riv love ya xoxo

    The Dago Princess

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