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5 Things I don’t understand about women.

Posted in General Life with tags on June 9, 2010 by theerivs

5. Shoes – What the hell is the deal, I know women have boxes…and boxes of shoes. I can understand having alot of shoes, but when you have 3 closets full…really? But they keep buying more. Not just the quantity, don’t you ladies try those mofoes on. I swear I might snap if another girl says her shoes are killing her. Who’s fault is that now?

4. Pillows – It seems women have this love affair with pillows, They can build forts with them. Why so many pillows, when you ask them they say those are for decoration. Those are for decoration those pillows are. I never…ever walked into a bedroom and go those are some nice looking pillows….never. I’m pretty sure most straight men haven’t.

3. Cattiness – When I introduce a new girl to a group of my friends that are girls I can actually see my friends pick this girl apart. Women are sometimes like sharks, but very passive aggressive ones. That’s another thing women are relentless with their hate. I would say women are truly more vicious when riled. Like one time this guy was fighting, I grabbed him he was all cool. I had him. His girlfriend on the other hand went ballistic, tried to smash a bottle over me, called me every name in the book. 

2. Why don’t they just say what they want – Girl never say what they truly want. “Sure you can watch the game”, then when you watch it they get pissed. Then you ask them why they are pissed, they say cause you watched the game. I mean what the hell I read minds now, I’m the great Carnak the mind reader.

1. Hormones – You know right from wrong, and I think sometimes you women use this excuse to let out your inner bitch. Hey I get tired and cranky doesn’t give me the right to act like a jagoff. When your wrong, your wrong. Apologize correctly, don’t just come to me and go. “Oh I was hormonal”

Now you might ask why I didn’t list things like them dating jerks, their damned need to plan, or their OCD habits. Cause I feel these are human flaws, Girls like Jerks, Boys like Bad Girls, that’s human nature. OCD, and planning I get that actually they do those things cause women be crazy…yo.