The Bandwagon

The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup…I’m happy that it’s over, well more like my liver is happy. I’m happy for the fans though, even though I am a die hard Pittsburgh fan. (Actually after the Bears, I do love the Steelers..The Iron Curtain Biotches)   The Penguins had our moment in the sun last year.

This is what I hate though every Tom, Dick and Sue hopping on the Bandwagon, screaming Go Hawks.  Where were you during the season when Hawks suffered some crushing defeats, or some great wins…I didn’t see any Hawks post then. There is a handful of people, none of them more devout then Towelie who I give credit for sticking by his team through out the season. Those are the people I’m happy for. The True Fans.

Enjoy your win Chicago, The Pens will be back, and we’re gathering strength as we speak. Like I told Towlie, an Pen fan will tell you it’s one thing to win the Cup, it’s another to keep it.


12 Responses to “The Bandwagon”

  1. Don’t be stupid. Does it really matter if people jumped on the bandwagon? It has still created a unity that Chicagoans rarely see. No, I am not going to go out and buy 15 Hawks jerseys and season tickets for next year, but if I decided too, should it really matter? It’s money going into a failing economy. I recall a few times that you were talking shit like you knew everything about hockey and Towlie corrected YOUR ass. haha… 😛

    Riv, don’t make a positive thing into a negative one. No, I’m not on the bandwagon, but if I was, it wouldn’t hurt anything.

    • theerivs Says:

      You don’t even know what he corrected me for, but your right no one knows his Hockey like Towelie. As for being stupid, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones…and you just lobbed a boulder, my dear.

  2. I’ve never claimed to know about hockey. I like going to the games more than watching them on TV and I honestly haven’t been to a game in at least 6 years.

    I am the smartest stupid person that you know so suck it. 😛

  3. I told you, I wasn’t IN THE HANDICAPPED SPOT, I was NEXT to it and I wasn’t PARKED, I was in the car with it running so technically I was STANDING in a firezone. Screw that officer and his inability to write a proper ticket… AND screw the Village of Orland Park for taking $200 of my money. Don’t get me started. I think I have PMS today and I will go crazy on your ass River.

  4. I say GO HAWKS!!!!

  5. oh and your chick up there…ya, nice air brush job on her legs! lol

  6. White Chocalate Says:


    • theerivs Says:

      Holy shit your alive. How could I forget about the other true blue Hockey and Black Hawks fan I ever known. A guy who goes to fight over whether doug wilson’s helemt wearing has much respect from me LOL!

  7. Hey Riv, just use the excuse she uses for everything she can’t logically explain. “You wouldn’t understand.” As a true fan of the team, you go through various highs and lows. Considering only one team wins a year, it’s a lot more lows. For some people, it’s not even a given that your team will ever win the championship in your lifetime (see Cubs). So, when it does happen, it’s a pretty big deal. The people who just show their head during the highs can celebrate but it simply isn’t as meaningful for them. That said, they can talk all they want, but their sporting opinion doesn’t amount to anything.

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