When do I go into panic mode.

My father had heart troubles before, and he was having shortness of breath last week, so he went in for a stress test. So my brother told me the night before last my father failed the stress test, and needs to have an angiogram on Monday. Now I called him yesterday morning to see how he’s doing. I got the voicemail, ok my Dad is a busy guy sometimes being a mover and shaker that he is, but he’s usually good at returning my calls. So I called again last night…voicemail again.  Nada. Now I get a little nervous, so I am looking for my stepmothers cell phone number I don’t have it. I call my brother he don’t have it. I called my Aunt, Grandparents…of all my people My Mom had it.

So I called my Stepmother, and got the voicemail.

I just got a bad feeling, bout this, maybe I’m just being a nervous nelly since all this stuff been happening to my friend’s parents. Maybe these are all just coincindences…but if I don’t hear anything by tonight. Normally I would be fine, My Father is just like me, sometimes he pulls a disappearing act, but on the wake of hearing he’s got heart problems…Something just doesn’t sit right with me.  I’m fucking taking a trip to Justice to see what the is the dealio if someone doesn’t get a hold of me by tonight.

**Update – Heard from my father, something happened to his phone. Yeah bullshit, he’s avoiding us cause he hates talking about this shit. That’s cool I understand. I’ll be seeing him Sunday, to personally give him a foot up his ass.


5 Responses to “When do I go into panic mode.”

  1. Even though I know its very hard not to worry, try to take a deep breath and relax. If something bad happened, I’m sure you or your brother would have been informed. Don’t go into panic mode just yet.

    • theerivs Says:

      Yeah the one major thing about us Cavelle boys, when we get sick we avoid people. So I talked to my brother, my father might just be avoiding us cause he doesnt want to talk about it. Yea my stepmother is pretty good in informing us, but if I don’t hear anything I’ll bust down doors, and knock some fucking heads.

  2. I’m sure that’s the case. Just remember this feeling next time you decide to pull a disappearing act. Now you know why I get so upset when you do it. I’ll say a prayer for your dad that he has a safe procedure and a speedy recovery.

    • theerivs Says:

      Yeah but I’m not going in for an angiogram, and that’s what really got me nervous. Oh my father disappeared before, and I know how he thinks. Maybe everything happening to our friends parents lately has me oversensitive as well. I hope I don’t start sitting down to pee. 🙂

  3. START? Who are you trying to kid?

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