Monday Hangover

Friday I just stayed in, relaxed.

Saturday – Tallegdega had a party for his girlfriend. I was stunned to see the German there, Nascar was there, Towelie, RJ, Commando, Geek Princess…and the Jackass. There was a couple people that were missing. That’s a shame cause it was a great party.  I started in on the standing bottle of Early Times I have at Talledega’s. It’s like a gallon jug, I got only a quarter of it left. I knew I was in for it, when Talledega’s cousin was handing out shots like it was his job. Then later that night I walked in on Talledega’s cousin, and Jackass playing One on One Flippy Cup with Apple Pie Drinks instead of Beer, by the way this apple pie is made with Everclear, and is lethal . Oh and they also made Jello Shots with good ole Everclear as well. So after drinking up a storm, and eating well. Commando made this awesome pasta salad, but I think it needed more cheese.

So after the party, it was the after party.We hit the bars, I slowed it down a bit, cause I was driving…Jackass on the other hand sped it up. I think Jackass puked outside cause he disappeared a bit.  We all headed down to Durbins, where this one bartender and me always give each other shit…where she goes, “I hate you River” …she doesn’t mean it. I don’t think.

So alot of us ended up at Olympic Star. I was Geek Princesse’s bitch since I was broke. It was funny because we we’re going back and forth fighting like we were a couple. A couple girls I know were making out with each other. I don’t know on one hand it’s a turn on, but on the other these are people I know making out with each other. It’s kinda of …well…wierd. I drove Geek Princess home, and we watched a little of the Lord of the Rings, she likes to gloat on the fact she knew the elven word for friend….by the way it’s “Mellon”. Geek Princess as drunk as she was knew the sword Gandalf wielded and it’s companion sword. Glamdring, and Orcrist….I nearly cried tears of joy.

Sunday – spent some time with my Dad, and Grandparents. My Dad is getting an angiogram today so I hope things go well. Then I went to fix a friends computer. When I was done with that, lo and behold it’s the bartender that hates me….”What? Your computer is broken? ” I laughed my ass off. I told her how Karma was a biotch. I could not fix her computer, it was toast. I helped her pick out a new one, and set it up for her.


5 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Just curious. What % of your friends have kids?

  2. River has a few different groups of friends. So do I. The group that we are in together only about 20% have kids. But a lot of them are in their mid to late 20’s. River is one of the old ones in that group. (I’m only 33…he’s pushing 40). My other group of friends are older… between the ages of 33-40 and probably about 60-70% of them have kids.

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