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My Papa

Posted in General Life on June 15, 2010 by theerivs

Welp my Dad, had some blockage, and they put a stent in. He’s doing good, and I’m talked to him yesterday.

Don’t get me wrong I love both my parents, but I’m closer to my father. When my mother divorced my father I think she did it for the most stupid of reasons, Money. Tell you the truth I still have issues with that. My mother thinks money is the end all and be all of life. Don’t get me wrong, I know money is important, but my life doesn’t revolve around it.

So during the seperation, and divorce I lived with my Dad, and it was just me and him. I saw him go through a period of depression, and it was hard to see him that way. So I would just try to hang out with him as much as I could, and make sure he was ok. Sometimes it would be just as simple as just sitting there watching some stupid cop show with him.

My Dad has always been there for me, during High School he made every one of my sporting events, whenever I hurt myself, he would be there with some tough love in one hand, and an aspirin in the other. He made sure I had cars to get around in, and always had some advice for me no matter what my problem was. Sometimes we didn’t see eye to eye, but we always understood why.

Do I love my Mother more than my Father, No…It’s just me and my mother are so unlike each other, we butt heads from time to time. Where as me and my Dad lived together, and there would be no issues for weeks. I’m glad the big guy is doing better, I think I would be in a bad place if I lost him, but worst yet if we lost him, my poor Grandmother would be devastated.