Monday Hangover

Oh Dear Friday was bad…My favorite local band, Rendition,  played at the bar I hang out at JWH.  They are a great bunch of guys, and just fun. So I pregamed it a Jackass’s. I was trying to behave, I was actually drinking beer. Torino, Commando, Dago Princess, The German, all came out.  Fricking power went out at work, so I was worried about that, luckily everything came back on, and it was cool. Party on…

So we get to the bar, I see Geek Princess, and Nascar. I decided to switch to the usual whiskey. So after drinking, dancing, and becoming a hot mess. Thought I would cool off with a tasty cold Irish Car Bomb. I talked the owner of JWH to come with me. I bought a few car bombs, then we headed back.

As we were heading back, I saw Stoopid Costume, and Polish Princess drunkenly head over to JWH, their both bartenders at Durbins, and seeing them out of their element surprised me. We all headed to JWH, to drink..heavily.

Little Tangent, I call this girl Stoopid Costume, cause one Halloween a couple years ago, she had this little cop outfit on. I came in really drunk, and I said, “What the fuck you supposed to be?” She replied, “A cop”  I then yelled, “That’s a stupid costume!”  She said she almost cried. So I tell her once in awhile…”That’s a stupid costume!” 

So after JWH, went to Durbins. Stoopid was out of control, I had a feeling I was taking her home… So I switched to water. Jackass disappeared…I finally took Stoopid home, got home 5am.

Saturday – Did my sonly duty, then went to my brother’s took a look at a computer issue, then took Stoopid to work.  Other then that stayed in and behaved.

Sunday- Went to my Grandpa’s, and my Dad was there, spent some time with them. Then I went had a few drinks, cause I didn’t want to go home right away. I did eventually go home, and I watched kind of a chick flick, but they had geeks in it which were funny. Geek Princess’s daughter said there was a geek in there that reminded her of me. It was a geek who wrote a blog, and he said ” My blog isn’t about being read, it’s about being written.”  So I had to watch it. It was ok, cute in a vaginistic kind of way.  Funny thing is we were watching it almost same time.

Oh well next week is going to be bad, Lynnard Skynnard is coming to town.

8 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. So, do you miss me yet?

  2. You better watch what you wish for Sucka!

  3. Are ya’ll talking about sex again?

  4. You two are innappropriate….

    Oh BTW it’s spelled Lynyrd Skynyrd. 😛

  5. haha oppss… inappropriate… I guess I can’t spell either LMAO

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