Happy Birthday Bruce Campbell

Well I am not one for hero worship, but one actor plays roles which just crack me up, and makes being a smartass so fun. That’s Bruce Campbell. Who is Bruce Campbell? Find out more here. The great thing I like him personally that I gathered from interviews and such, is he generally is a funny, smart ass guy. He worked for everything he got, he started making films in high school, and he’s doing what he loves. I gotta admire that.

Here’s his website.

Although you might not know him from his B movies, but I’m sure you seen him in something, oh perhaps a little movie called Spider-Man…He is probably one of the most quoted guys in geekdom, one of my favorites is.

King Arthur asks, “Are all men from the future loud mouth braggarts!”  Bruce as Ash replies, “Just me baby, just me!”

He’s in a TV show called Burn Notice, which is a great show so check it out…Now give me some sugar baby…

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