Monday Hangover

To say I had an interesting weekend, would be an understatment of the year.

Lets start with Thursday. I had Friday off, so I went to the Tilted Kilt with a girl I will call CougarJay.  CougarJay I’ve had the hots for some time, but she always resisted me, and actually I was getting use to the fact maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. We went to Tilted Kilt, and we both had way to much to drink. We went back to her crib, where she lives with her Mom. Her Mom said I could crash on the couch, and I took full advantage. So I was going to take a cat nap, and get the hell out of dodge. Cougar Jay goes to her bedroom and changes to some shorts, and a top. Sits next to me in the dark. I will spare you the gory details, I didn’t go ALL the way, but let’s just say my face ended up looking like a glazed doughnut.  The thing that is bugging me out, is she dropped the “Love Bomb”, I had a feeling it was just pillow talk, I did the classic Han Solo move and said, “I know”

The next morning I asked her if she meant it. She told me, “She loved me as a friend”  Really? What the fuck? So I said, “Later Friend”  In the usual I get pissed, and take my ball home manner.  Well Friday was Lynard Skynnard, and man I love those guys. Their music just speaks to me.The Concert, was AWESOME. I got hammered.  The crappy thing about it is I kind of allowed myself to get a little frisky with another girl.  So much so there’s video of us making out in the parking lot. I took her home, and we made out more.  She wanted me to go in with her, and “play” some more. I refused.

Both these girls just wanted to be friends, now they want all of me. Fuck that. If I was younger this would be a different story. I want more out of life then just a roll in the hay. I want someone to build a future with. Is that wrong? 

Saturday the wierdness did not die, Jackasses ex-girlfriend Paparazzi, texted me 8 times, and from reports was stalking him at his apartment, then she came up to JWH, at like 1am. Looking for him, all i need is the psycho music to queue up.

Sunday I visited my Dad, he still seemed weak, I just realized things are changing, the old guard is being replaced by the new. At that moment I felt all the weight of my 37 years upon this earth weighing me down. Then I went home found out my stepdad might have another blood clot, we don’t know.

Definately a wild, and fun weekend…but it left me in a wierd place, and I don’t know what the hell direction my life is taking.

16 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. Well there goes the ‘between you and me’ talk we had yesterday haha. I guess you decided to share your weekend (even the most intimate details) with your readers.

    You always seem to get yourself into interesting situations when alcohol is involved. I think you’d have that substantial relationship you are looking for if you didn’t get hammered so much.

  2. You said “I know.” Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. Hopefully, she was too drunk to realize just how ridiculously lame that line is.

    Seriously though, you have sung this song several times already. Me and #1 and probably others have told you to stop putting yourself in those no win situations with those girls who toy with your emotions. Especially if you don’t even get a good banging out of that bs. At least then you will have gotten SOMETHING out of it. You’re essentially a masochist for doing it over and over again.

  3. If you had been munching the carpet properly, you wouldn’t have been able to answer at all. Maybe that’s your problem.

    Looks like I gave the wrong girl the Summers Eve wipe this weekend. Hahaha!

  4. Good point #1. Also, since you didn’t get banged , if you didn’t get a blow job in return for that mustache ride you gave her, I may have lost all remaining respect for you.

  5. The sad thing is that both girls wanted more and he turned them both down. Do you have some sort of weird growth down there or something? Maybe you could audition for Valtrex’s spokeman position? LOL

    • theerivs Says:

      I turned them down, truth be told I had whiskey dick for one, and the other I just had mental issues, felt like if I did do it I would be counterproductive with my grand design.

      I’ll let you guess which one was which. 😛

      • So, your boozing essentially cost you a piece of ass? Sometimes I just want to smash you over the head with a baseball bat.

      • theerivs Says:

        Yeah I probably could use one, you need a plane ticket?

  6. 1st Class round trip, along with suitable lodging, something akin to the Mariott. I’ll also need a rental car. Nothing too boxy, perhaps a sports car. Oh, and some per diem. Let’s say 500 a day. Thanks.

    • theerivs Says:

      More like your flying to chicago to deliver a heart, sleeping on my couch, and a bicycle to ride around, and you get all you can eat fruity pebbles.

  7. Looks like you’re flying Coach, staying at Super 8, renting a UHaul truck.

  8. Can I have the plane ticket now? Apparently there is a damn hurricane coming right for me.

  9. I’m really more of a tornado/earthquake type really.

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