Do you beleive in soulmates? Like there is one person out there just for you. I use to, back in the day. I loved this girl with all my heart. We were unseperable. We would do so much stuff together. When we talked sometimes I would laugh so hard my sides would hurt. She was pretty, smart, and witty.

Then one day she didn’t want to be a part of my life. It was like she plunged a dagger into my heart. A gaping hole was in my soul, and I filled it with hate, and self loathing.

Fast forward years later, and I think I am still trying to find a replacement. Someone like this girl, who will be a girl to do everything together, that will be my partner in crime, someone to explore life with.  I am looking for another soulmate, and maybe that’s a wrong notion.  Perhaps there is no such thing as a soulmate.  Maybe my idea of love is too out of whack with reality, maybe I should just be happy, and settle with someone who just adds something to my life, instead of looking for that perfect someone.

7 Responses to “Soulmates”

  1. Jackass is your soul mate.

  2. Don’t believe in soulmates myself. That is just silly romantic foolishness. Ask any believer after they have a hard breakup. People love to, for the lack of better word, overhype their own experiences. Like how their relationship is so original when in fact, everything they have gone through has been done a billion times over by just about everyone else already. Soulmate is just like a saying people use when the times are good. When they are bad, everyone starts talking about how many “fish are in the sea.”

  3. Geek Princess Says:

    I dunno, at this stage of the game – and I’m referring to on the cusp of 40 – it’s hard to meet someone who isn’t damaged in some way. I mean we all have baggage by this point and no one is perfect, ourselves included. The trick is finding someone you enjoy spending time with, someone you can laugh with and that you are physically attracted to, then you have to decide if you can deal with their issues as well. I think the “soulmate” thing comes in time when trust is established and the person you’re dating turns into your best firend.

  4. I agree with Mike. I believe people are selfish and only put someone on a “soulmate” box because that person makes that person feel better about them. Humans are just selfish beasts

  5. hurrrrrp Says:

    Gosh, I can’t imagine why a woman wouldn’t stick around with a misogynist, privileged asswipe like you…. what a catch….

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