I always liked horror movies, especially the older ones, where it wasn’t about the gore, but about the story, and mood. I just watched the new Wolfman movie again, and I have to say I can’t get enough of it. I have a love for werewolves that spans decades, I think it had to do with me first watching movies like the Howling, or American Werewolf in London.

What holds my fascination is you have a good decent man, that turns into a monster at certain times. I identify with that, because sometimes I feel like that. I feel that inside me there is a monster, that battles to be released but I must not. If I do bad things will happen. Last time it happened I snapped and went to beat up an old dude. Back in my jail days I made a choice, to get out of my criminal ways and try to be a decent person, but that element still lies deep in me.  I still whenever I walk in a bank look around for cameras and case the joint.

I think we all struggle over the battle of good and evil, and like all battles sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose.

4 Responses to “Werewolves”

  1. I love a good werewolf movie. My favorite still has to be Silver Bullet. I loved it when I was a kid. Plus, it had both Corey Haim AND drunken Gary Busey! Another favorite is a little more recent in Dog Soldiers. As prior military, I think it is one of the few action/horror movies to really capture the camaraderie that troops have with each other. So, of course, it is more impactful when they start getting eaten alive. 😛

  2. I love Teen Wolf. Not very scary, but it is a great family movie I can watch with my boys.

  3. I think River saw the midnight viewing of Eclipse last night. That is what really brought on this blog today.

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