Creatively, Spritually, Physically, Mentally, I just feel drained. Like an empty vessel. I can easily just stare at the wall blankly for hours.

I wish I could say it was one thing. I can’t. I’m going to at least take a week off here.

Mike you have the Com, I am also giving Bee permission to post anything she wants. If you guys want to post feel free, if not that’s ok too. I’ll be back in about a  week hopefully with some recharged batteries.


9 Responses to “Drained”

  1. I’ll tell stories in your comment section dirty ones

  2. Finally, unlimited powah! At last I reveal myself to the Jedi. At last, I shall have revenge!

  3. *prepares to use her author privilges to edit scary and mikes posts*


    For real though, hope things get better for you Riv! I understand your need for a break… you’ll be missed while away though. Hope you have a good holiday weekend.

  4. theerivs Says:

    Oh one more thing before I take my leave. No SPARKLY VAMPIRES!!!!

  5. Hey if you’re taking a break then tough titties if you don’t like what’s posted. 🙂 I remember when Nora turned your whole page pink and girly while you were away once. That was fun stuff!

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