Down and Dirty with Sex

Seriously, have you ever really cuddled after sex? You just got done sweating all over each other and spraying bodily fluids all over the place, do you really want to plop down and spoon? I’m talking right after. You don’t get up to grab a towel to dry off your penis or grab a wad of toilet paper to wipe the goo dribbling between your breasts. You just blast your liquid love and mash the slime in a poetic embrace. Hell no!

I thought about the nature of sex the other day and it was kind of gross. Don’t get me wrong, I love blasting spunk all over the bedroom. It is man’s way of marking his territory. No other man is going to want to touch my lady if she is dripping jizz. And no, you can’t wipe it off, it is my gift of love! I can’t remember a time I truly cuddled after sex. Yeah, I got up and scrapped my horn clean and went back to drip leftover cum in her butt cheeks, but I never wallowed in my fluids right after.

Think about it, that shit is like glue. After I pull my dick out and our juices dry a bit, my junk is like I put it in a cast plaster mold. It hardens and drys to every part of my pelvic area. If I wait too long, it takes me hours of franticly scrubbing to get the last bit off my taint area. Human sexual excretion stuff is not meant to dry on our balls. Do yourself a favor and wipe it off immediately.

As for sweat, that is just nasty. Nothing like dripping BO all over each other for hours before you get your lazy ass up and clean up. Do yourself and your partner a favor and have moist toweletts near the bed. Oh, and a trash can so you can throw any spunk catchers away. So I ask again, you ever just lay in your own drippings after sex?

-This is a Scarybooster tip of the day!


5 Responses to “Down and Dirty with Sex”

  1. White Chocalate Says:

    well put

  2. I love sex, talking about it, doing it, daydreaming about it…. cuddling after is gross. I mean directly after. Sure it’s nice to kiss a little but I always have to get up to pee and wipe off. Then the cuddling can begin… as long as I’m not stuck laying in the wet spot. GROSS.

  3. theerivs Says:

    You mean your not supposed to leave after, or tell her to get the fuck out? Hmmm.

  4. “hours of franticly scrubbing to get the last bit off my taint area.”

    More than three scrubs and you’re gay. I’m pretty sure.

  5. Most guys have a beard of hair that dangles from taint like a Billygoat’s gruff. Hell if I can get all the spunk matted to it off after jackhammering for hours like a pornstar.

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