Nickel and Dime

I don’t like Government. I hate it. I would have rather lived in the Wild West, or some other lawless land. For the Government doesn’t do nothing for me but tax, and take my money.

I remember getting my license plate sticker cost 50 dollars, in the last couple of year it is now 99 dollars. For fricking what, the crappy roads I drive on, that Tollways which aren’t supposed to be permanent are supposed to pay for.

So now on my piece a crap car the Check Engine light is on, so I check the code it says it’s probably the catalytic converter, which is expensive. To get my new plate sticker, I need my emissions test, to pass my emissions test I need to fix my cat. converter. That will cost around 500 bucks.  I don’t really want to invest that kind of money into it.

My choices are….

A. Clear the Codes, and try to get it tested before code goes off again.

B. Call one of my Underground contacts, and get it fixed..Illegal, but costs way less money.

C. Actually fix it, which will cost alot.

Gonna try Option A first then go from there.

It just sickens me BP can destroy the world, but god forbid I don’t test my craptastic car for a little extra carbon.  These laws we have today isn’t about protecting the citizens, it’s about making the government money, and it’s days like today I get sick of this shit. If I didn’t have my family here, I would so move to a far out of the way place where government doesn’t interfere so much. America is on a crash course for socialism, and I fucking hate socialism.


5 Responses to “Nickel and Dime”

  1. Nebraska doesn’t have any inspection rules for cars. You can drive rust with a steering wheel. Oh and thanks for paying your taxes, it helps pay my bills and 2007 Mazda 😛

  2. Zomg, get out of America if you dare question its ways!! QQ on the government doesn’t do squat for you biz. While roads generally suck and need to be fixed. People throw fits if there is a road closure or delay. Government provides opportunity for financial aid to college. It sends police to houses for crime. It’s sends fire trucks to fires. Obviously there is waste and the system isn’t perfect. You have options to get around your problem. So stop your whining.

  3. Illinois is terrible when it comes to the emisions test. It’s all computerized, they never even test you actual emissions! They pop into your cars computer and diagnose it that way, so you probably can get away with just resetting the codes.

    When I lived in KY, they tested your cars actual emissions. What a novel thing to do for a, you know, emissions test…

    We went through that with my husbands car. Ended up replacing a shit ton of crap in that car because he kept failing the damned e-test. Come to find out after we took it to one mecahnic that there was NOTHING wrong with the car’s emissions! There were a few faulty wires in the car’s computer and once he fixed those everything was fine and the car passed the test fine… I was pissed!

  4. White Chocalate Says:

    good thing it wasn’t a village sticker!! lol

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