Monday Hangover

Ok my weekend actually started Thursday, A girl called me in the afternoon wanted to see if I wanted to go out for a drink. So I got hammered a bit. I was driving so I had to sober up a bit. The girl I was with though at the end of the night ditched me to go smoke weed with some low life’s. How do I know their low lifes, well I know one of them sort of. I got pissed, and told her off. Why did I get pissed?

Well I kind of go overprotective of my friends ever since a friend of mine who I thought was ok, passed away after a night of drinking at JWH. I was close to the family too,  What do you say to a teenage son at a funeral when you were the last to see their mom, how do you tell them if you were a bit more concerned, and more of an asshole their mother would be alive. It’s something I live with every day of my life, and just thinking about it almost brings me to tears. So when someone comes out with me, like I drive them somewhere I make sure they get home especially girls. Even my guy friends I watch over like a mother hen, like Jackass I got his back even if it means my own life, and some of the places we been it just might mean that.

So Friday I just stayed in and stewed. Saturday came and I had some ordeals while shopping for my Mom, that really almost pushed me over the edge. I just wanted to drink, and forget the world for a bit. I know that sounds very alcoholic to say, but I didn’t care. It was Kid Rocks Birthday, and we had our little differences but all in all he is still my friend.  So I went out, I was supposed to pregame with Jackass. Thanks to the German, and Torino who got him wasted at Durbins he fell asleep on his couch, so I went over to Teehans for one or two. Holy poop glad I did, the bartender was HOT!. I mean really hot, I’ll be stopping there more often.  

Well I got Jackass up, and we headed to JWH. It was Commando’s brothers 30th bday too, and it was good to celebrate that with him. Me and him go way back, he use to bounce with me, and we had some good times there. It’s funny how this world works Commando’s brother worked with me, and he sort of disappeared, and I always wondered what happened to him. Then years later his sister and I become friends. Commando also knows the brother of another good friend of mine….It’s a funny small world.

 So We started to drink ALOT. IT was good to see all our friends (except #1 was sick, and Towelie and RJ were missing, BULLSHIT!)  I wish I could fill you in on the details but let’s just say most of it was a blur, except when Torino gave me a 151 shot, that was in slow motion. OCD showed up, and I tried to get her to be bad, she was way too sober for my liking. I know I went to Durbins, and I made peace with the girl that I snapped at. (she works there). I hung out at Durbins for a bit, then I ended up at Olympic Star, and didn’t get home to around 7am.

Sunday as John Goodman said in The Big Lebowski, “I don’t roll on Shabbos”  I didn’t do shit, though I missed Nascars little get together, I was in no shape to socialize.

Today I’m just mainlining caffeine, and planning the next big event. Jackass’s 40th bday party.


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