Tales of Stupid

In my life I have tons of stories of just stupid shit I done in my life, that defy logical explanation of why, or what I did.  Here’s one of them.

Many moons ago, I use to hang out at a local bowling alley, Used to get drunk there while playing pinball, and fighting video games like Street Fighter, or Mortal Kombat, since I was like 17. It was good to be friends with older people.

So it was a cold winter night, and me, and my partner in crime, Gus, were really drunk.  We come stumbling out, and there is a nice sports car. I think it was a Camaro, if my memories are correct and filtered through the drunken haze. Me and Gus, being broke ass dudes, were jealous. The conversation turned to how we hated people who had things we didn’t. Then we looked at the Camaro, and Gus goes, “I wanna fuck up that car.”  I reach into my glove compartment, and pull out my gun. Yeah I was a bad man long time ago, and luckily I took out the clip before handing the gun to Gus. I didn’t think he had the balls, but just in case….he rolled down the window…click..click..click. “It’s empty motherfucker.”  At this point I was pissing myself laughing so hard.  I took the gun, and handed him my knife, and go, “You got to do this the hard way.”   The crazy son of a bitch jumped out ran up to the Camaro…POP! POP! POP! POP!.  He hopped back in, and said, “Let’s go”

Needless to say I got the fuck out of there, and I wasn’t laughing anymore. I didn’t think he would do it. I was just sitting there thinking this dude is crazy. I miss Gus sometimes, we had some messed up times together.

What we did though was just plain stupid


2 Responses to “Tales of Stupid”

  1. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing here: that your buddy was going to shoot the car or that y’all thought a Camaro (aka mullet-mobile) was a nice car? 😉

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