Monday Hangover

**Edit : I had to make a change Nosedive was worried her nickname was drug related. I agreed, Her new nickname is Muffdiver.

What a wierd weekend indeed.

So Friday, I went to see Rob Zombie, and Korn with the Geek Princess. What a great concert, they put on a great show. While we were there, I saw this Police Officer that me and the Geek Princess know, and he asked the Princess who she was with, Geek told him, “The River”  The officer looks at me and goes, “You’re really scrapping the bottom of the barrel.”  I’ve known him for a while, He’s a good guy, and he was joking….I think.

So there was a tent that had “I LOVE Vaginas” on it. I had to check it out. I bought a hat that said “Vaginatarian” on it. Best Purchase Evah!.  I also bought a necklace with the Chaos symbol on it from another vendor. It’s on a leather cord, I might buy a silver chain for it.

Well after me and the Geek Princess rocked the concert we hit the bars. We hit the first bar, and there was CougarJays sister CougarM. I kind of cut off CougarJay from my life, and told her why. Her sister though goes ballistic on me. I didn’t get angry, I just calmly said “Get away from me”  I might have interjected the word fuck. Well it ended up her storming out, yelling that I’m an asshole, and giving me the finger.

So we left there headed to Teehans, Geek Princess tried a Irish Car Bomb (Which is a glass of Guiness, and you drop a shot of Jamesons mixed with Baileys into it)  It was not to her liking.

We then went to Durbins, and Geek has a cousin that I hang out with. That cousin has a friend, I’ll call her Steve. I was drunk one night, and she told me her name, and I call her Steve. She’s pretty, but there’s something else about her that intrigues the hell out of me. I don’t know what it is. I was drunk, and I drunk texted her asking her out for drinks, and dinner. Yeah smooth is not the word I would describe drunk River. Welp I didn’t hear back from her, so I guess the answer would be no. C’est la vie.

I walked home the Geek Princess I make sure people are safe that are with me, that’s just who I am, plus I knew Geeky would hit the OS with me. Couple things happened, CougarM was outside of a bar, and she started up again with me, I ignored her. Geeky dates a cop, and one of his cop buddies came walking out of the bar and started interrogating Geeky about me. God sometimes Cops can be real tools, I respect cops, and I’ll do what they say, but I don’t fear them, and if they disrespect me. I will let them know. I’ve been to Jail before, and to me it’s a free vacation really. Not saying I WANT to go there, no I’m not stupid. I just don’t have any fear, of nothing. But there’s a fine line to bravery, and stupidity and I know where that line is. So I let Geek Princess handle that.  We had a nice breakfast, and talked about life. As the Samurai said in the Last Samurai, “It was a good conversation.”

Saturday, I went to Jackass’s, he had a new girl come over, also Torino, Commando, and #1 came over too. It was all about serious drinking that night. Not much I remember about that night, except a police officer friend of mine was about to get into a fight, and I had his back. Then we went over to Durbins, and at the end of the night I almost got into a fight myself. I went over to make sure Jackass wasn’t bothering anyone, minding my own business. Then some asshole started screaming at his girlfriend, I looked up to see what the hell, he screams at me, “What the fuck you looking at?” 

I snapped, took of my glasses, and said, “Let’s go mother fucker”  I approached him but Jackass held me, and said let’s go outside. I did. I was waiting for him outside. Jackass talked me down, and at the end he said Torino and Commando got us breakfast…Oh fuck that mofo. Omelette beats Douchebag any day of the week.

Sunday – I went to my Grandmas for lunch, My Dad stopped by, and he wasn’t shaven, she let him have it. It was great seeing my Dad nagged by my Grandma. I wasn’t helping by adding my two cents. Then I hit the Oak Park Avenue with RJ, Jackass, #1, and Tallagdega’s girlfriend. I knew her for some time. Cute girl, but I really don’t know much about her. She is very quiet, and doesn’t really say much. Once in a while she breaks out of her shell, and she is quite funny actually. She asked why she doesn’t have a nickname on my blog, and I told her I don’t know much about her. So she divulged some info about herself how she almost died by falling 30 feet.  I was going to giver her something cutesy, but decided nope from now on, in this blog, I will call her Muffdiver.  So I took RJ home cause she was drunk, I know odd, right?  It was down to Jackass, me, #1, and Nosedive was texting all night so, she wasn’t present really. She and #1 had some funny comments, but the real star of the show was Jackass. Dancing, doing the Worm, making well a Jackass out of himself. At JWH He had the bartender at Durbins, cracking up.  Asking for guys to sit on his lap, and show him their ID’s. I didn’t help, I screamed at him,”You embarrassed me, the bartender, the bar, everyone in here. I want you to go around the bar, and give everyone a hug, and say your sorry” Jackass did, I was pissing in my pants laughing.

Well back to the grind today Monday…Already feel like buying a plan ticket to India, and kick all the HP support team over there.


7 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. First I will say, Thank you for writing this blog today. The phone are very slow at work and I needed something to read besides Facebook.

    You completely forgot the Safety Dance routine that you and Jackass performed for the four alcoholics sitting in the bar on a Sunday afternoon. That was definitely the highlight of the weekend. I wish I could have gotten the video on my camera to work because it would be on Facebook by now. I am looking into having the security camera tape copied to DVD though. Still waiting on answers from the Filthy Leprechaun on that though.

  2. Commando Says:

    Had a blast on Saturday-Sunday morning!!! I was so confused when I woke up at Jackass’ and my shorts were turned around……also to find torino and jackass spooning on the floor….??? hahahahaha jk
    BTW a name for “Nosedive” could be Turtle!! just sayin’

  3. All these nicknames, I don’t know how you keep track of them all.

  4. All you have to remember Scary is that I’m #1 and always will be. That’s all that matters anyway.

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