Tales of Stupid

My stupidity started very young. I remember being in fourth grade so I was 9 years old, and I was caught talking in the hallway during a tornado drill. My teacher told me to write 10 times, “I will not talk in the hallway during a tornado drill”

I refused, because A. I wasn’t interrupting anyone it was just a boring drill. B. I had no respect for authority even back then.

So every day I didn’t do it the number would go up by 10. Well I got up to about 750 times, until teacher was getting really angry. Oh I would stay after class to write some, while telling my parents I was in a special after school reading program to help me read.

It finally culminated into my teacher sending a rather rude note to my dad, that needed to be signed. Well I can’t have my dad signing this note that despoiled my good name.  It dawned on me, why not forge my Dads name on the note. It was early in my forgery career, and the tools I had at my disposal sucked. So I turned in the note with the shoddy forgery.

The teacher knew right away what it was, called my father. So my father and me had a conference with the teacher. As my dad walked into class, there is my name on the blackboard, with two of my best friends. My Dad just shakes his head, and goes “The fricking unholy trinity”  So the teacher proceeds to tell my Dad all my offenses.

Yeah I caught a whooping for that, and ended up spending my weekend writing all 750 sentences. If only my stubborn ass just wrote the 10. Boy that was stupid.


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  1. Dumbass.

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