George versus the River

In the early days, I was not called River…I was actually known as George, which is a tale unto itself.

As a kid, and into my teenage years, me and a group of friends would go to a friend’s Uncles cabin in Wisconsin that was on a decent sized river. There are two friends that are prominent in this story. Simianking, we made our own version of basketball, that we could play in the winter and in his basement,  and we called it Simianking so that’s why I’m calling him Simianking. Then there’s T-bone, my best friend.

On this river, there was a small island where my friends and myself would fish from, explore, and conduct our firework wars. As a feat of strength we would occasionaly walk back to our dock from the island, wading through the river. Well T-bone thought he was up to the challenge.  The rest of us headed home to the cabin in the boats. From the other side of the river, Simianking and I saw T-bone trying to make across the river, the rest of the guys went in, but me and Simian waited.  

I noticed T-bone kept going under, and his hand started waving. I started to worry, the Simian said he heard a help. Me and Simian rushed to the rowboat. We rowed like we were on some sort of rowing club., from land we heard the next door neighbor Mr.V screaming encouragement to us, “Row!, Go!, He needs help!”  We got to T-Bone, and I really don’t know how I did it, but I reached down, and with one hand lifted him into the boat.

After we all caught our breaths, T-bone looked at me, and said, “George, don’t know how you did it, the river tried to take me, but you beat it.”

T-bone and Simian are long gone, but on nice summer days like today, my mind wonders back to those stress free days of summer as a child, and I miss my friends, and those days.


2 Responses to “George versus the River”

  1. I like this story.

    Could this be where your nickname originated?

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