It takes more than a penis, to be a man.

It takes more than a penis to be a man. You need a strong hand to handle your responsibilities. You need a powerful mind, to know the difference between right and wrong. A good backbone, to stand up and admit when you are wrong, and to suffer the consequences like a man when you are. You need big balls, to have the courage to do what is right, even when right isn’t popular.  You need a huge heart, to love with passion, and it is never unmanly to show that love. Lastly you need a foot, to kick the ass of anyone who tries to hurt that which you love.


8 Responses to “It takes more than a penis, to be a man.”

  1. I concur. Unfortunately there aren’t many ‘real men’ out there anymore. I remember my step father telling me when I was younger and just starting to date, ‘Be careful, men are assholes.’ At first I thought he was just being overprotective but as time went on, I saw he was right the majority of the time. Don’t get me wrong, not every man I’ve met is an asshole but I can say that about 80% of them are. The other 20% are gay, married or have commitment issues LOL

    • theerivs Says:

      Ok I’m not gay, married, or have commitment issues…so where does that leave me?

      • I think you may have answered your own question 🙂 lol

      • Yes, you do have commitment issues. Big ones. You say you want a wife, kids and the white picket fence, but you find something wrong with every girl that you have a chance with. And the girls that you fall head over heels for, you don’t have a chance with because normally they have commitment issues themselves. I think you do it subconciously (sp?) to yourself.

  2. “[don’t] have commitment issues”…

    Then why aren’t you married?


    I keed ya knows?

  3. I’m a nice guy.I treat women good and they walk all over me. Guys have be assholes because that is what women like. My ex-wife treated me like shit and I told her I loved her everyday and gave her everything she wanted. Shecalked me names and cheated on me. If I guy isn’t an asshole, a women treats him like shit until he snaps to prove he is asshole. In the end guys are assholes

    • Here Mother Fucking Here.

    • I don’t know if I totally beleive that Scary. It takes two to tango. If your marriage was all of that, she wouldn’t have felt the need to stray. I’m not saying it’s entirely your fault, but there had to be something missing for that to happen. I have also had that happen to me with my exhusband and over the years I’ve realized that even though I never cheated, I was still at fault for some of it. It doesn’t excuse him going outside of the marriage but hind sight is 20/20. There is a difference between being an asshole and being confident enough to stand up for yourself. Just because you argue or voice an opinion about something, doesn’t make you an asshole. It makes you human. There is a HUGE difference between being a nice guy and being a doormat.

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