Friday the 13th

Today is supposed to be unlucky, bad things are suppose to happen on this day. I’m not afraid. Cause I got my boy Jackass watching my back. I know alot of people in this world, but a few select of them I call friends. There is one man I am happy to call best friend.

It’s my friend’s Jackass birthday today, and I was wondering what can I say to honor that friendship.

 Should I tell you stories of our adventures, though funny I don’t think it reflects the sum of our friendship. I could tell you about the trials of our friendship, I don’t think that grasps what this is about.

I could tell you about his generosity, and how giving he is. I could tell you about the hundreds of times, he let me crash at his house when I was drunk, or make sure I’m comfortable when I’m near a comatose state. I could tell you all the times he talked me down from getting myself into troubles when I was angry. I could tell you all the times I did get into fights, he was right there knuckles up ready to throw down.  I can tell you how much he loves his family, and friends, and how he is always there lending a helping hand.

There is so much to say, but since we aspire to be simple men, I will keep it simple.  He is a good man, and a good friend. When I count my blessings he is among them. When Jackass gets drunk he always says this to me, “I love you, man……..not in a gay way”

All I can say is I love you to brother….not in a gay way.


2 Responses to “Friday the 13th”

  1. But we all know, it IS in a gay way. Time for both of you to come out of the closet. 🙂 Maybe tonight will be the night. I hope I don’t miss it! LOL

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