Monday Hangover

You would think with all that went on I would have more fun stories, the sad thing it was more about the drama this weekend then anything.

Friday was my friends Jackass birthday was at JWH, and I was happy to see some people I haven’t seen in a while. His dad came out, and Pops is cool as hell. He cracks me up. Jackass was worried both of these girls were going to show up, but neither did, which I thought sucked. I was looking forward to a catfight. Jackass’s sister came out with her boyfriend, which would lead to some issues later. German, and the Dago Princess were in attendance. Commando, Torino, Muffdiver, Towelie, #1, RJ, Nascar, and many more were out. When I get to drinking, my mind gets a little fuzzy, so there’s not much I do remember that stands out, but of course I was a dancing fool, and thus led me to become a sweaty hot mess, but I don’t give a shit. Oh me and Towelie always have fun together, we are fake arch nemesis, and it’s always fun to hear Towelie go across the room, “Fuck you River, FUCK YOU!”  People look at us like we really hate each other, it’s awesome.  Like I said alot of drama this weekend. Commando, and Muffdiver got into it at the bar, which upsets me. Not the fact they got into a tiff, when your good friends sometimes you do get into a little spat, but you get over it, and move on. It’s the time and place that upset me, at my boy’s 40th birthday, you don’t fricking bring up drama. Jackass’s sister started to get into a fight with the boyfriend. That’s when I got pissed and took off to Teehans. After I left, a friend of ours Finger got into it with Jackass too, Glad I wasn’t there for that. Angry River might of popped out. 

So I go to Teehans, then I pop on over to Durbins. The drama follows me, Jackass’s sister boyfriend shows up there, and suddenly I’m his best friend. I didn’t want to start a scene so I just kept my mouth shut, then he was getting on my nerves cause he was getting rude with the staff. That’s it, I’m out. I went to Olympic start, dragged Jackass, and his sister with me. 

Saturday was the “Titties and Beer Party” Commando, and Torino throw every year. Ok I get there, and there’s this girl who on Facebook was talking about a crossdresser, I said she liked chicks with dick, she said I wanted to be one, all in good fun. So I get to the party, she saw me and practically attacked me, “Hey, here’s my heels, I’m not using them right now you can if you want.” …Mother fucker, she’s probably been dying all day to say shit to me. Well just for that, I’m calling this girl Trannylover in this blog. What Now?  Also a new member to the Chaotic Lineup, I’m going to call him OCG, as in Other Computer Guy. He said he actually reads my blog, for the life of me I don’t know why. I felt kind of bad. He was telling a story, and I kind of interrupted him cause I saw two chicks dancing, I can’t help it OCG, I’m hopelessly addicted to Vagina.  Also Commando always cracks me up, I’m sitting there relaxing she comes up to me, and goes, “I got underwear on today, and it’s killing me.”  I just laughed my ass off.  I had a great time, well how can I not I got a lapdance by the Geek Princess…Holla. All my friends in one place is always great time, except for more drama. Muffdiver,and Tallagdega got into it again. Really? Everytime I’m out with them they fight. Hey if they are happy fighting all the time more power to them, but it disrupts the fun times, and really that isn’t fair to their friends.  OCD got into it with her sister too, that night.  Here’s my deal, There’s a time and place for everything is my belief, and and fighting over something stupid at someone’s party is just not cool.  Sure shit happens, and I get mad once in a while, but you excuse yourself, and go punch a wall. Ok I may have done that once or twice.

Sunday – I just relaxed, visited my Grandparents, and fixed a friend’s computer.

These next couple days I must prepare myself for Vegas, this is going to be fun.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. I’m glad I managed to stay out of all of the drama this weekend 🙂

  2. Trannylover Says:

    Lmao. Riv, yes, I was just dyinggggg to do that. It’s not my fault you walked in JUST as I was talking about them… Love you-


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