I go to fight my demons

If you read this blog, you will know I had gambling problems in the past. I spent more money gambling then some people make in 5 years of working. Lets just say if I had all the money I spent on gambling in front of me, I would own a really nice house.  Thanks to the bankruptcy laws of this country I am free and clear.

Well tomorrow I leave for Vegas, Sin City.  Where all my vices dwell, drinking, gambling, drugs, and hookers. I have never been there, though I had plenty of chances. I feel if I head there I might go I’ll end up dead, in some overdose of pills, and booze, or I would lose so much there would be no hope of getting back.

It’s not going to be easy. Even though I am in a better place mentally than I was once when I turned to gambling, drugs, booze for escape, but I feel if there is an easy access to it, I might indulge way…way to much.  This is the supreme test of my willpower. 

 I hope I can stare my demons in the eye, and win, or at the very  least not get ass raped by them too much.


4 Responses to “I go to fight my demons”

  1. Enjoy yourself, but know your limits.

  2. Oh, I just saw a kid with the first name of Paladin on Facebook. I’m not sure if that is the lamest or greatest name ever given to a child before.

  3. I hope you and Jackass have a nice wedding. Speaking of ass raping… Oh forget it. I’m not even going to go there…

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