WTF, Cosmo

I’m in the grocery store and I see this cover of Cosmo… and I had to snap a picture with my phone in my WTF-ness:

Ok seriously?

Since when is that a word? Like a print word.  Slang has gone too far, I do declare!

Kids can read you know. Good thing Twig can’t yet.  “Mommy what’s that?”  Shudder.

Cosmo Zombie. Cosmo says wax, therefore thou shalt wax.  Now Cosmo says (presumably) don’t wax.  Halt waxing immediately, lest you be out of style!  All hail Cosmo.  Or (novel concept) why not groom your nether regions in a way that is preferable to you and your partner, and not slavishly adhere to what is “in” or “out.”  Nah.


9 Responses to “WTF, Cosmo”

  1. Cosmo = Women’s version of Maxim. Every goddamn month they advertise “48 new sex moves!” on their covers. According to them, there must be like 5 billion fucking positions.

  2. LMAO!! Seriously, any woman who uses cosmo as her “directions for life” has that issues which will probably require therapy and presciption drugs later in life! Enough about Va-Jay-Jay’s…(not a word) where the hell is Monday hangover???

    • I see it in draft form, so it’s being worked on by him at the moment. It’s probably such a tale that it is requiring much editing.

      I am of course talking about Va-Jay-Jay… not the Monday Hangover post.

  3. Yeah, but if women don’t follow the personal grooming guidelines, then they might not fit in at the next neighborhood orgy.

    • I demand equal time for manscaping articles then!

      You know, what if a woman had already gotten lasered. There are no backsies on lasering. Would she be forced to wear a crotch toupee so as not to be embarrassed when the below-bellybutton fashions changed?

  4. You mean I don’t have to be shaving down there??

    Praise the lord, hallelujah!

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