Monday Hangover pt 2

Ok so I wake up to a text that said,”Hulkster is missing”  Jackass’s brother. So I head over to Planet Hollywood.  Fireplug was the last to see Hulkster at 4am. He said he wasn’t that messed up, which kind of had me worried, but I couldn’t let on that I was worried, for some reason though I wasn’t that worried. I though maybe he just fell asleep on a couch somewhere.

The German got the number to the Police, called them got nowhere. So we start looking for him. We walk all around. We asked security they gave us a bunch of numbers to call. So we started to try them, got nowhere. Well the German, and Fireplug had to catch their flight. So me and Jackass continued to look, to no avail.

I told Jackass, we better just plop down in the lobby of their hotel, and make some more calls. As one who use to get lost as a kid, I knew to stay in one location, cause if you move around you might miss each other.  So as we are about to make phone calls, here come the Hulkster waddling, “Where you guys been? ”

He was gambling since 4am, he didn’t know what time it was, until he asked someone.

Now I’m sure most of my friends who read this are expecting lurid tales of hookers, gambling, drugs, and booze. A couple things you have to realize.

A. I don’t like paying for sex, though morally I have no objections, heck I was thinking about it. I never done an Asian chick, and I kind of want to. It’s just I don’t see paying for something if I can apply myself and get it for free. I will tell you this though Craigslist is pretty awesome for hooking up, and I came home with one less condom then I went with 😉

B. Gambling – Yes I gambled, and I get into some frenzy cause I’m addicted. I lost the first day, so I was on a mission to win my money back.

C. The guys I went with are not nightclub kind of guys, we just drink, and gamble that’s it. Sure some of them went to the pool parties but that’s about it.

Bottomline Vegas was cool, and alot of people like it cause they can let loose there, and be wild and crazy. But from the ages of 18 to about 30ish. I could gamble, have hookers, drugs a plenty, and drink like a fish. What does Vegas offer me but better scenery. I had a good time, I really did, but I tried to close that chapter in my life, cause it only led me down the path of self destruction.

But I’ll probably head back, I still might get that Asian Hooker. 😉


One Response to “Monday Hangover pt 2”

  1. yaaaaaaay!! much much better!! one less condom huh??? maybe it got lost in your luggage, or maybe your into the whole “beating-off” in a condom thing….lol….totally kidding! Happy you had a great time, but happier your back in town! We missed you guys!

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