I’ve never been more motivated.

As a token of appreciation for my hard work the last couple of weeks my boss picked me up a scented lotion at Bath and Body Works.  The joys of being a woman.  What is the male equivalent to this?  A beer??  I think i’d rather have that.  Anywhos…. I’m not trying to seem unappreciative… but look at this…

Twilight Woods?? Seriously?  I don’t want to smell like a creepy vampire. 

Suprisingly enough, it does not have shimmer in it. 

I feel gross knowing enough about Twilight to have an expectation of shimmer. :/


7 Responses to “I’ve never been more motivated.”

  1. Sounds like something to keep mosiqutos off you. Deep Woods Off, Twilight Woods.

    I think the Boss taking me out to lunch would of been better, but a bottle of whiskey works for me.

    What does it smell like? Sound Butch kinda sorta. Ain’t girls scents suppose to be all flowery, like Lilac Springs…or some other shite.

  2. I was doing inventory today, I came across a girl who had a bottle of that crap. I just started laughing.

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