Tales of a Techie

I worked in this computer industry for some time now, and some things never cease to amaze me from people porn surfing habits on a work computer, to the fact that people will shop online not only on company time, but while I’m standing behind them watching them. I’m going to share a tale of just such adventures with you…

I use to work at a small University, when the Presidents staff told IT to jump, we jumped. So one day the President’s secretary called us and she was having some computer problems. I go there and she explained the problem, and went to lunch. Well I fixed the problem, left a note it was fixed, and what I did to fix it.

I walk to my office on the other side of campus, shortly after I get a phone call from this secretary, and she is screaming at me on the phone. Literally screaming, saying I messed up her computer, it isn’t working, etc…etc.  I told her I would come look at it right away.

I get there, and she starts yelling at me again, and berating me. I sit down, look things over……then I turned on the Monitor. She shut up immediately. I got up, just gave her a look like the stupid bitch that she was, and said, “Seems to be working now, things work better when they are turned on” 

After that she never called me again, and when I walked into the President’s office she was always nice as pie.


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