Demeternoth – An Introduction

That crazy dude River decided to ask me to join the guys and gals over here, it’s taken a while but here I am. Guess I’d better introduce myself a lil’ bit. My name is Amy, I’m also known by my alter-ego Demeternoth, who is my human Death Knight main character in WoW. Prior to WoW I have very little game history, but I have always written stuff so when I stumbled into the WoW Twitter community and started reading other people’s blogs it seemed natural to start my own.

I posted up a personal blog post about 2 months ago on my Warcraft blog but I didn’t want to tie up that space with all the emo shit that I’ve been going through. The opportunity to splurge all my angst over you crazy peeps though was too good to pass up.  Here’s the short version of what’s been going on in my life. There’ll be more details coming out as I write, after all that’s the purpose of this place right, to work out our chaotic mess?

The start of April this year, I turn 32 and a couple of days prior to the weekend of my birthday celebrations my 94 year old granny went into hospital with a suspected heart attack. Two weeks later I end my marriage and move into my mum’s house. Two weeks after that, at the beginning of May I move back into the marital home as my husband moves out.  In June I leave the marital home for good and at the end of June, my Grandmother passes away. To add to the stress I’m buying my sister’s house.  I’m still going through the separation, have a new man in my life and a new level of responsibility at work to contend with.

So this blog will probably be a roller coaster of emotion, experience and emo bull shit as I work through all the drama. I just hope someone else feels better knowing that people do separate, get divorced, fall in love with crazy Dutch men and life goes on.


7 Responses to “Demeternoth – An Introduction”

  1. FIRST!…

    Err emm anywho. Welcome to the madhouse that I am trying to build.

    One thing though I learned in Gamblers Anonymous you have to take it one day at a time.

  2. You mean clogs?? Well no, he doesn’t. Thank god.

  3. Did someone call for me? I specialize in bringing chaos 😉 Anyhow.. looking forward to reading and following deme’s posts. TO me its visible she is a special lady 😉

  4. […] and now she is writing on our personal blog, cause that’s what it is now…it’s ours. So show her much love both […]

  5. More new people?! Damn, Riv, since when was I not enough for you?

    Welcome aboard Amy. Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. Divorce is a real bitch, regardless of which side you’re on.

  6. I love angsty sploog!

    Oooohhhh… you said splurge… oh, my bad….

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