Monday Hangover…on Tuesday

3 day weekend….means mass consumption of vileness, and wickedness.

It all started on Saturday…I was in a mood just to let loose. On of my favorite bands were playing at my local bar, Rendition, and alot of my friends were coming out. So I started with a little Jack Daniels. So when we get to good Hollstiens, I’m already in a really good mood if you know what I mean. So we knew someone who was having a party for 26 dollars All you can drink….for me that’s alot. By the end of the night, I was good and drunk. I don’t remember a whole lot, except I was a dancing fool. We headed to Durbins, and I said something really bad to a girl I kind of liked. Don’t remember what I said, but she was downright pissed. I’m kind of afraid to ask her. Oh well, so I went from drunk, to downright obliterated…I don’t know what happened next, all I remember was the police waking me up from a bench on the street I passed out on, then next thing I know I was waking up on my friends couch. By the way under the picture section for 9/4 on Renditions site, you’ll see how we roll.

Sunday – was more of a marathon of drinking. started about 3ish. Low key, Hit the bars, with Jackass. He got really loaded, so loaded he went home early. I outlasted Jackass, I’m seriously thinking of checking myself into AA soon. German came out with the Italian Princess for a bit. Then they left too. I stayed out and hit Trannylovers party with #1, We walked to this party I damn neared killed myself. Drunken fools shouldn’t cut through wooded overgrowth.  The party was nice, but they were playing passphrase, and my allergies were bothering me.  For those who don’t know, I don’t like to play games when I’m seriously drinking, cause to me drinking is serious. They had a fire going, but they put it out cause well they were a bunch of Vaginas. I think I would have stayed if the fire was still going. I enjoy fire, something primordial about it. So I went back to Durbins, Met a waitress I knew there, but she left early. The girl I liked was hanging out, but she said something to me, wish I was sober enough to remember, but all I remember was the end of her statement, “It’s your own fault”

Yea story of my life. So drink up I did. Closed the place up, then drowned my sorrows in Olympic Star food.  A dish of rice pudding is really the road to true happiness I think, of course extra cinnamon, and whip cream is needed.

Monday – Went to see the Last Exorcism, god it was a waste of money, and time. They could have done SO much more with that film.  I liked the premise actually a preacher who kind of lost his faith, confronted by evil. Their execution though was well piss poor. After that hung out with Torino, Commando, and the German. Muffdiver made a short appearance.  It was just a nice low key evening.  Oh yea I saw that girl who hates me, I was very nice I even gave her a cookie with frosting on it, and Commando will atest to this…those cookies are the bomb.


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