Where the hell are the positive role models?

I was raised on such legends as John Wayne, Ron Santo, Walter Payton, etc..etc… Sure they were not perfect, but they gave their 100%, and did it with class and dignity. I was thinking today what do the kids of today have to idolize, Snoop Dogg, Tiger Woods, Sundry of Sports people who do drugs, and stupid crimes.  What do kids have to grow up to.

I remember the old Charles Barcley ad which was him in the TV screen saying, “I am not a role model”  After that it was all downhill. It gave everyone a license to be an asshat. Sad thing is some of these numbnuts make Charles look like Mother Theresa.

Is it so hard if you are in the limelight to act more on the straight and narrow, or at least keep things more on the downlow. Maybe it’s the age we live in, we’re TMZ is following people around like hound dogs, and information is readily available like it’s on tap.

One thing I know is parents need to step up their game and be role models for their kids, not their friends. It saddens me when parents try to be the childs friend, and try to be cool to that child.  My Dad is one of my Role Models, he instilled just the right amount of fear in me, and if he didn’t I’d probably be in jail, or dead from an overdose.

Do you think there are still some role models around? Who, and Why?


2 Responses to “Where the hell are the positive role models?”

  1. Virginia Lyon Says:

    Sandra Bullock. Polite, hard-working, friendly, great with children. Makes bad choices in men, but other than that, she’s a great role-model.

    Hillary Rodham Clinton. Polite, hard-working, extremely intelligent. Again, not the best chooser of men, but an incredible politician, good at getting opposite sides together at the table.

    Betty White. Older, for sure, but still popular, including with twenty-somethings. Hard-working, amazing sense of humour.

    Robert Downey Jr. He has definitely had his problems, but he got his act together, went through recovery, and works incredibly hard. For people who have addictive personalities in particular, he is a great testament to what you can do when you stay sober.

    I am sure there are more, but the news is dominated by misbehavior, not positive behavior — with the exception of people trying to improve their reputations with charitable acts. The inability to respect a relationship commitment and overblown sense of entitlement so many famous people display is just sad. Talking about yourself in the third person? That’s pure narcissism. They should be busy thanking God or fate or whatever they believe in for their tremendous luck — in having talent, the opportunity to use it, and the support of the family, friends, and fans that makes it possible.

    Perhaps they should be starting with the Man in the Mirror…

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