Monday Hangover

Friday we started off going to Commando, and Torino’s place to celebrate Commando’s sister birthday. As always they put together a wonderful spread. It was a nice mellow time, alot of Commando’s family, and sisters friends.  Commando’s father was there he cracks me up. Some of the usual suspects showed up, Towelie, RJ, Muffdiver, OCD, #1, just to name a few.  So this young kid asked Torino about my Jack, if he could do a shot. Torino was like it isn’t my Jack, but I’m sure River wouldn’t have a problem with you doing a shot.  Torino was right, in fact I did one with the kid.  

Like I said it was a nice mellow time, and that’s a good thing from time to time.

Saturday- I went looking for Cars, I found a nice one. Pontiac G6, fully loaded, sunroof, etc..etc.  Surprisingly roomy, which is important for a big guy like me. Surprised my credit wasn’t as bad as I thought, sure it isn’t good. The thing that is funniest is my credit was better than my brothers, and he was pissed. I mean I got student loans, bankruptcy, and a repoed car on my credit history. I mean he was really sour.  Then we went to visit an old friend who opened up a restaurant around there called the Chunky Chicken, man and the food was good. If your in that area definately stop by check him out. It was good to see him though it brought back alot of good memories.

Sunday- Was the travesty of the Bears game, but it was still a good time with my friends, Torino, Commando, Jackass, The German, and even Geek Princess came up, and the Trannylover stopped by.  So Geek Princess was complaining about not having chapstick for some time, then she texted Trannylover to come up and bring her some, after she texted I whipped out my chapstick, and put it on going, “Yeah my lips are pretty dry too”  She was like, “Mother Fucker!” 

Then me and Jackass headed to Durbins, and we had to do some work. Some guy was causing a ruckus. So me and Jackass saw to it he was ejected peacefully, but then the douchebag headed to Hollstiens. We thought the bartender was by herself down there, so we put on our Crimson Guardian Angel berets, and went down there. She was ok.

I tell you what though I kind of wish he tossed a punch at me, it’s been awhile.  From time to time I miss a good brawl.


2 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. where is this Chunky Chicken place?? and do they serve beef? 🙂

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