To the Rivmobile, Let’s Go!

Well today I’m getting another car, the Focus is on it’s last leg, even though I have the Lincoln, that’s an older car, and who knows how long that’s going to last either.

But the Focus, every warrior has a faithful steed, and the Focus was mine. I remember getting it. I was looking for Trucks, but the car dealer pulled my credit report, and chuckled….”Let me show you the Ford Focus, Mr. Cavelle”  Glad he did, the little car was surpringly roomy, and we had many adventures together. It was my first brand new car to, and it was a big boon in the time when gas prices were through the roof. 

When I think back to the Focus, I will think back of the stuff we shared and been through together….some of the stuff like..

* The Many Block Party’s it served as a mobile base of operations.

* The time I woke up,while driving  from a night of drug, and boozing one New Year’s Eve.

* The time I fell asleep while driving, and did a 360 on the road, and landed in a snow bank.

* The many girls I’ve fooled around with in the car.

* The miles, and miles I’ve driven the car. 170k ain’t nothing to sneeze at.

* The Fake Spinner Hubcaps, I put on it just to get a cheap laugh.

*  Just all the good times,and some bad times I had with it. 

It has been an ever present part of my life for the last 10 years, and even though it’s just an inanimate object, I would be remiss not to thank it for it’s service. I will be putting it out to pasture, and let it live out the rest of it’s days in a junk yard somewhere.

So to you my old friend, the Focus thank you, and farewell.



7 Responses to “To the Rivmobile, Let’s Go!”

  1. Lol you out fake spinners on a Focus rofl!!!!

  2. What kind of car are you getting to replace it?

    • 2007 Pontiac g6…from Carmax…LOL just kidding. From a dealer, who I have a friend who is the financial guy over there.

  3. white chocolate Says:

    the spinners oh snap i remember those

  4. The Focus is a sweet ride.

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