Monday Hangover

Friday was a a low key day, I went out had a few beers with Torino, and Commando. Then tried to go to my old High School Homecoming game, it was way over capacity, so I wasn’t able to get in.  A couple things, they were rude bastards about it, hey a-hole I know your over capacity but don’t be screaming it, and fucking acting douchebaggy. They don’t do the nice programs like they use to do when I went there, now they just do a sheet a paper, and they were’nt even selling hats. After that I went home.

Saturday- My friend Talledega had a party, he built a bar in his basement, and wow…simply wow. He spent a pretty penny on it. It’s really cool. I was impressed.  Despite having a good time over there. I gave my word to show up to another party. So my word being my bond, I showed up. I felt bad for this girl some of her closest friends didn’t show up. Ya know if it was my friend, barring anything terribly unforseen like sickness. I’d be there. Not saying stay the whole night, or be there for 8 hours, just pop in, and make an appeareance have a shot, and leave.  I really felt bad for this girl, If you don’t make an effort for your friends, then how good of friend are you?  Regardless I had a good time.

I ended the night by meeting up with Jackass on Oak Park Avenue, and having a few more, stayed after hours with the Durbins crew. Which is always cool, it brings me back to the days when I bounced.

Sunday – I spent the day with my Dad, Brother, and Cousin for the Bear game. My father isn’t looking so good. He can hardly walk, or stay awake. I dropped my father at home then I met up with Jackass, for a drink. I really needed a laugh.

And Jackass provides, when I got to Durbins I walk in, there’s Jackass with his nails painted hot pink, and eyeliner on. He was more smashed then I’ve seen him in a long time. We went down to Teehans, and at one point Jackass tried to take his pants off, then we were play fighting in Teehans. My side was hurting from all the laughing. Finally he went home, and I ended up back at Durbins. Had a few more and called it a night.


12 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. I’m not sure if the comment about not being a good friend was directed at me but either way I’m going to defend myself from it. I really wanted to go to her party, and maybe its the guilt kicking in for not being able too make it but that was the night of my daughter’s homecoming dance. On those nights it especially important that my kids come first, no matter what. It turned out that I ended up having to pick her up from an after hours party at 1 am so there was no way I’d be able to make it to the birthday party. Between that and taking care of the other two kids, I was stuck. I have been there for her on other occasions over the years and whenever she’s in a pinch, she knows to call me. I’ve purchased and brought her medication when she fell on the ice and sprained her ankle on a moments notice as well as done other things for her over the years. That’s what friends do for one another.

    • Take it for what’s it worth, if you feel you did the right thing..then you did. All I know some of her closest friends weren’t there. How would you feel if your close friends missed your bday party. I bet pretty shitty.

  2. I guess it would depend on why they missed it. If it had to do with something with their kids, I would understand 100%. Kids come before a night out on the town ALWAYS. If they didn’t show up just because they were hungover from the night before or didn’t want to wake up in time to go, then I would be pissed.

    • Well to reply to that since your tossing kids out there as your excuse, I guess it depends on what was the deal with your kids, if they were sick, or you couldn’t find someone to watch them.

      But you mentioned picking your kid from an after hours party. That would be the fucking day my parents would let me stay out past midnight at 16 or 17 for any fricking reason.

      My parents were my parents, not my friends what they say went. That’s just how I was raised. Did I fuck up, sure did, but I was scared like a motherfucker, and that fear kept me out of ALOT more shit.

      Then again that bar closed at 3pm, couldn’t drop the kids off, have someone watch them, and stop by for one. I guess not.

  3. whoaaaa…whats with all the hostility! This is the my happy part of the day when I get to catch up on my reading…chill out people!! If I wanted to listen to bickering, I’d hang out with muffdiver and talladega….lol jk!!! Love you guys…..I also just wanted to mention that good friends understand…..Im sure the bday girl had tons of fun with the people who were there~ Im sure she has no ill-will towards those that weren’t…..just saying

    • No hostility, I could give two poops, but don’t step into the ring if you don’t wanna box.

      The problem is I don’t pull punches, life isn’t fair, life isn’t gentle…either am I

  4. um..actually I wasn’t stepping into the ring….boxing is for pussy’s. Check yo-self before I get all MMA on a motha-fucka!! lol

    • HAHA. I wasn’t talking about you stepping the ring. Other people, but if your gonna go MMA on me for god’s sake wear some panties.

  5. I just happened to read the rest of this. This has nothing to do with stepping into a boxing ring. This has to do with responsibility. I was not trying to be my daughter’s friend by letting her go to an after hours party. I was trying to give her a nice reward for not only starting a new school, but having the ability to join a sport that takes up a lot of her time, make new friends, fight through a serious bout of depression that she went though and still maintain mostly A’s and one B in all of her classes. Just because your parents didn’t allow you to do something, doesn’t mean that I am doing wrong by allowing my kid to do it. I didn’t have her roaming the streets in the middle of the night, I was there to pick her up myself. After the long day of making sure she got ready, while working myself on some difficult real estate transactions that needed my attention for work, plus making sure my other two kids were taken care of, I was exhausted. It wasn’t my number one priority to go to a bar at 1:30 am. I wanted to be home with my daughter and find out how her special night went. Until you have children of your own do not tell me how to raise mine.

    • I doubt even if I did have children you would listen to me. This argument is a moot point, and has gotten out of hand.

      I apologize for my part in it, sometimes I hate losing an argument, and go for the jugular. I didn’t mean anything by it.

  6. You are forgiven but be prepared for a swift kick in the nuts next time I see you 🙂

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