Strange Happenings

So Last Night I Awoke at around 3am, the antibiotics I am on make me go Pee alot like an Old Man. So I go Pee, I return to my bed, and just sitting there on the edge of my bed contemplating some strange thought process then I hear music. I think my Iphone is going off. No. My MP3 player started playing all by itself. I thought it odd. I turned it off.

The I awoke again at 5:30am. Went to the Washroom. I sat on my bed, same thing … MP3 player turned on by itself again. My MP3 player was sitting on my desk, away from anything that could of vibrated to turn it on. I turned it off again, and unplugged the headphones, and turned the volume all the way down.

The real odd thing is the song that was playing was “I Need a Bitch” by 213 group (Which is Nate Dog, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G)

The MP3 player is right.


4 Responses to “Strange Happenings”

  1. You just had a bitch in Vegas.

  2. And some peanut butter.

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