The Joy of a Well Placed Molotov Cocktail.

So since I haven’t been getting drunk, I got to write about something else.

I feel bad. I helped set up two of my friends. The German, and the Italian Princess.  The German is one of the nicest guys I know, and I’ve known Italian Princess for some time, and she had a bad string of boyfriends, abusive, pieces of crap, etc..etc.. So I thought Geez, maybe she could use a nice guy in her life.

For a while things were good. recently I found out she broke up with the German, to work things out with her piece of shit ex-boyfriend. Wow…..just wow. The German the nice guy that he is, was still like saying he wished her the best, and so on, and so forth.

Me…I was thinking of what fucking window to throw a Molotov Cocktail through her house. That’s me….I am not a nice guy.

The German told me if I talk to her, to be nice for him. He’s my friend, and I will try to restrain myself….she won’t call me though. She knows me better. She knows that River, won’t let her off easy. I am harsh in my words, and sometimes deeds, for that is how life is. Life does not sugar coat things, and either do I.

Tell you the truth I am not angry at her per se. Life will give her all the comeuppance she needs. She will be battered, and broken woman when she is older, filled with regret, and she will regret not staying with the German.  Sun Tzu the author of the Art of War wrote, “You wait by the River long enough, and you will see the body of your enemy float by.”  I take this to mean that, you do not have to do anything, not even raise one finger to hurt your enemies, for they will get their’s in the end.

As for my friend The German, I could give him some cliche advice but I won’t insult is intelligence. I will tell him this, Life is funny sometimes, and when one door closes, sometimes another door opens. It also reminds me that even though I don’t have alot in my life, I got some great friends like The German, and you know what like the in the movie “Wonderful Life” the angel is right, “No man is poor who has friends”

Here’s the thing that pisses me off, girls say they want nice guys, they claim men are assholes, and here’s a genuine nice guy, and he get dumps on. Pisses me off is putting it mildly. It also reminds me the girls I have been the nicest to, always treated me like shit, and the girls I’m sorta a dick to, always can’t get enough of me. It’s a fucked up world, and the funny thing the nice guys out there turn into assholes cause thats what you women want, and what you women train us to be. We as men, think they want assholes, we’ll become assholes.  It’s a sad state of affairs.

….Oh I promised  I’d be nice to her for the German, shame if she got 4 flat tires…that’s like an act of God, and shit. I can’t control if her tires are accidently sliced by large knife.  😉


9 Responses to “The Joy of a Well Placed Molotov Cocktail.”

  1. After many years of dating jerks, I actually started dating a nice guy. The funny thing is he did the pursuing. Everything with him has been different than any other relationship I have been in and frankly I haven’t been happier.

    So not all woman stay dumb forever.

    There will be someone even better for your friend. He deserves someone who wants to genuinely be with him. He doesn’t need her drama.

  2. I’m going to play devil’s advocate here.

    1) You’re friends didn’t make a love connection. That’s not your fault nor theirs. If people don’t hit it off or make it long term, then that is their business. So, she broke it off with your friend. Get over it. Sounds like it was just a rebound thing anyway. No reason to harbor any negative feelings for someone. In fact, your anger is misplaced. If she is going back to an abusive relationship, then she is in trouble. And it’s easier said than done convincing someone to avoid that type of unhealthy relationship until they hit rock bottom. It’s a psychological issue that needs to be addressed. So, your concern should be with her.

    2) No one wants a “nice guy.” Those guys are boring.

    • Mike – or should I say Chuck Woolery, if it was just a love connection thing I wouldn’t be so angry. I known this girl for years, it’s a broken record with her, and probably that’s what I am miffed about. As for nice guys, yeah I know you are right. That’s a fact.

      Well I’ll be back in two….and two….. LOL!

      • I loved that show. So much better than the sleaze that was Blind Date.

      • I loved that show too. Chuck was the greatest. I also did warn her if she got involved with him, and she broke his heart…I would burn down her house.

  3. Mike’s right… OMG I have to go cut out my heart now….

  4. Yep. That’s exactly why.

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