“Only Thing That Make My Life Complete…

…Is when I turn your face into a Toliet Seat.”

Every once in a while a crazy person enters our lives and we just have to talk about it. This is one of those times.

Over the last several days we have had a man coming to our drive-thru bank location in the evenings and leaving notes in our night depository box. These notes express anger over the pens that are dropped and left in our drive-thru lanes.

In the notes, he threatens to pee in our night depository box if we do not sweep the drive-thru lanes every night. Yes, you read that right: He is threatening us with urination. The first note was written on the back of a child’s piece of notebook paper where you can see they have been practicing writing in cursive.

The next night we receive a second note stating that we passed inspections, but he will be checking again.

Today when they opened the night depository he had poured water (thank, god it’s only water) into the box, causing everyone’s deposits from overnight to be soaked with water.


I’ve seen video footage of this guy and yeah, he looks off his rocker. Maybe if it was R. Kelly I’d understand his urination motivation.


10 Responses to ““Only Thing That Make My Life Complete…”

  1. What an idiot. I hope he enjoys his visit from la policia.

  2. So many crazies out there. Hopefully, your cameras pick up his vehicle plate number one of these times.

  3. UPDATE:

    Over the weekend the sicko DID pee in the night depository box. It got all over customer deposits, we’ve had to call in a hazmat guy to clean it up and apparently it reeks of urine in our drive-thru location office.

    They are trying to get the guy arrested. Hopefully they catch him.

  4. River, do you have an alibi?

  5. You’re dead meat.

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