Monday Hangover

Back in the saddle again….

So after talking to my doctor Saturday…the infection is gone, and kidneys are normal. He’s a good doctor, so he asked me about my mental health, and he kind of got into my head. He asked me what did I look forward to? My purpose for living?  The thing is, I didn’t have an answer to rattle off. I couldn’t even come up with a lie. That disturbed me so much, I really was upset for most of the day, and I had a party to go to later, and it just really took me out of the mood. I still went to the party and had a great time with my friends, and they really helped me pull me out of my funk. Especially with my friend Jackass dressed as a dog, he looked like that dude in dumb and dumber, and then the cops showed up with their squad, and their taking pictures of him in the squad like he’s a K-9 unit.  After the party we hit the bars, and just drank ourselves silly. Did a little dancing too.

Sunday was the Bears game, even though the Bears suck I still had a good time with my friends.

 Geek Princess showed up, and I finally got my gift. I wan to thank her for putting forth a herculean effort for it, and trying to give it to me several times, even the card was cool and geeky. I’m not saying everyone’s else cards, or gifts meant any less. They are all special to me, and I appreciate them all. It’s just funny how Geek Princess and me share this geekiness, that no one else gets.

It’s just really good to be back in the company of my friends, the people that care for me. Today I wish I could go back to Saturday and tell the doctor, what I have to look forward to is having more good times, and growing old with my friends.

Ok the rest of this week for Halloween we will be delving into some creepy, and spooky topics so prepare yourselves, and those people that write for this blog feel free to post any spooky stories you have, ghost stories, or creepy stories are the best.


3 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. I’m sorry that you felt that way. Just because you couldn’t think of a purpose for living right on the spot doesn’t mean that you don’t have one. That is a pretty tough question. I know that I would have a hard time answering it too. I think one of your purposes for living is to torture me. Am I right about that?

  2. haha… asshole.

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