Sold his Soul

Many Moons ago, I use to hang out at the biggest hive of scum and villiany, the Tinley Park Bowling Alley. Where me and my misfit friends would hang out in the arcade, while our older friends would get us pitchers of beer. I was not yet 21 at this point of my life. There was one friend, who was my arch nemesis, and best friend all the same time. We would do battle on fighting games all the time. Street Fighter 2, or Mortal Kombat being our main ones. We were the best at those games. Our battles were epic.  It spurred my love for video games, and thus ultimately computers. His name was Greg Sans, and that is his real name. I’ll get to why I am using his real name, and breaking my personal code in a bit.  Greg was typical stoner, long hair, and always wore a leather jacket, actually I think he even wore that damn thing in the summer. Some sort of satanic metal band adorned T-shirt, and beat up and ripped jeans, and that was before it was fashionable. Greg drank, and did drugs with the best of them, and back then I was one of the best too.

A couple of weeks went by and I didn’t see Greg, before cell phones really, so I just figured he was getting high somewhere, or partying like a rock star. Then one day Greg walks into the Arcade with his hair cut, wearing a bright colored sweater, and nice pants. My jaw almost hit the floor. I asked, “What the hell happened to you, Greg? You go to jail, and had to clean up for court?”  Greg replied, “No, can I talk to you alone for a second?”  I responded, “Sure”

So we went outside, and he progressed to tell me what happened, ” Listen I have to tell you, I found Jesus. I was with a friend, and we we’re smoking weed, and we had the idea of selling our souls. So we wrote something down, and cut our hands, put blood on it, and burned it. I felt my soul leaving my body, I felt empty, and I was more scared then I ever was. I ran to church the next day. I begged Jesus into my life, and I feel redeemed. The reason I am here is I feel your on the path of darkness like I was, and I don’t want that for you man. Come with me to church.”   I asked him out of curiosity what church, he replied, “Christian Hills”  I laughed so hard, the church of my childhood. When I did love God, and Christ. Now though there was no love, for anything and I told him, “Greg there is no love in my heart for your God, and if you persist on pestering me there will be no love for you.”  He replied back, ” I just don’t want Satan to get your soul man.”  I answered, “Too late for that.”  I walked away.

The reason I mention Greg’s real name. I was always curious as to what happened to him, if he found peace through God. I miss the competitions we had, the rivalry. I never wished him any ill will, it’s just I was in a very dark place in my life then. I sometimes wonder do we have souls to sell? Can we damn ourselves? I do not know, but back then I was determined to find out. Tomorrow I will take you down the paths I walked as I studied the dark arts, and the occult.


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