The Witch’s Hut

Deep in the bowels of a Tinley Park Forest lies a deserted shed like building made from stone. This building has a cornerstone that says 1807 on it. This building lies in the ruins of a cobblestone street covered with grass and weeds. This building has one room with a fireplace in it. It is covered with graffiti such as pentagrams, and other occult symbols, and sayings. The Witch’s Hut is surrounded by fanciful rumors, and fanciful legends of ghosts, and witches that kids are apt to spread.  

When I was a kid I would hang out there with friends, until I was 11. When I was 11 I was hanging out at the Witch’s Hut mucking bout outside. I was looking out the window when in my ear I heard a distinct female voice go, “Chris” and what felt like breath on my ear. I turned around no one was there. I thought it was my friend messing around with me so I went outside. He was flipping stones into the nearby creek. I asked, “Hey what the hell you doing?”  He goes, “What the heck does it look like I’m doing?”  I looked around the Hut, there was nobody else around. I explained what happened to my friend, and he gives me this weird look like I went nuts, He told me he didn’t see anybody around the Hut at all, let alone a girl. I said to my friend let’s get out of here, and do something else.

I never returned to that place since, but sometimes I wonder if it was my imagination running wild or some ghost from beyond. I also wonder if the Hut still stands, or finally been swallowed by time, and the forest.


7 Responses to “The Witch’s Hut”

  1. Where is this “hut?” I bet my kids hang out there. It sounds like a place that Brianna would frequent LOL

    • Forests by my old house, near Ridgeland. East of where the Mark 4 Use to be. Though your probably to young to know where the Mark 4 stood, they tore that down…bastards.

  2. Perhaps, some virgins had been sacrificed there at one point. Or perhaps, virgins just come there to bang and cease to be virgins.

  3. In that case… my kids better not be going there LOL

  4. white chocolate Says:

    i’ll go with ya riv

  5. white chocolate Says:

    sunday night ?

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