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Monday Hangover

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Long weekends make for rougher Mondays….that’s for sure.

So Thanksgiving I did the family thing, later that night I met Jackass, Torino, Commando, Nascar, Geek Princess out for a few. When I say a few I mean alot. I got really hammered, really hammered. Everyone else went home. I crashed at Jackass’s crib, where we watched movies, drank, and he baked cookies. We called German at 4am, and he popped over for some cookies and movies. Wish I could tell you I saw the movie, I don’t remember. I passed out. I woke up the next morning with an empty cup in my hand, and a plate of cookies near me. Oddly enough the cookies were pretty good.

Friday I stayed in, and recouped. Saturday though I went out, I promised a bunch of girls I would go with them to a bar closer to the city. This one girl drove me whom I will call Tabasco, because she wagered before I couldn’t drink a bottle of tabasco, and she lost that bet…and I think I burned my ass.

So Tabasco drove to this bar called Lawlors. It’s like this little city tavern, which I do love. Alot of people I haven’t seen in a long while were up there, and it was good to see them. We started to do shots, and more shots. Luckily I took it easy…Tabasco not so much she got hammered.  So being more sober drove back to Tinley, as we were driving Tabasco starts rubbing my neck, which if you would have saw my face it would have been funny as hell. Without getting to graphic, or gross she then took my hand of the center console used it to feel around down there if you get my meaning, after a while she grabbed my hand pulled away and just held it….then passed out.  Unlike most people I don’t have an angel that pops up on my shoulder, just two devils. I had to fight them off.

So here I got this passed out girl, driving around Tinley. Trying to get out of her where she lives, getting gibberish back. So I parked at Jackass’s crib, trying to talk to her, of no use. I then just said fuck it rifled through her purse, and got her address from her driver’s license.

Drove her home, and took another hour bout to make sure I had the right place, and get her motivated to go into the house. I got her in, didn’t know if I was going to be shot by someone or what. Luckily a couch was right there, got her on it, took her boots off, put a blanket on her. Was going to crash there, but didn’t want the drama of waking up to an angry father. So I got the heck out of there. Side note I was thinking of stopping by Tallagdega’s crib he doesn’t live that far from where I was.

I walked back to Olympic Star from her house which is about a 4 or 5 mile walk at least, in freezing weather. It wasn’t all that bad, but my friends all were like, “Why didn’t you call me?”  That isn’t my style, I try not to bother them when I can…though the sentiment touched me. At Olympic Star ate a little, and a friend drove me the rest of my way to my car which was a couple blocks. I got home around 6am, and I hopped on Facebook to check things, Talladega pops up, What the heck,  they were still partying, I should have stopped by damn it.  

Sunday it was just a drunken fest of friends, and football. Nothing really out of the ordinary happened besides Jackass getting tore up happened, and a little drama which doesn’t concern me. (two friends who date each other, it’s best to keep my nose out of that mire of drama) One funny thing about Sunday, this big guy I know, I mean he’s like a the bouncer type goes, “I’m hungry watch this”  He walks up to a couple dudes who had a to go pizza box, opens the box and was about to take some before they stopped him. It was just funny as hell.  Sundays just about good laughs and good fun.

Tallagdega’s cousin hangs around us, and expressed an interest in the blog.  So lets give him the name Ice, cause he’s a salesman and from what I know of him,  I bet he could sell Ice to Eskimos. and I’m sure he’ll play a part in future Monday Hangovers.

Right now my calves are killing me, stupid exercise. LOL!

I’m Thankful for Me

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Cause I’m a bad Mother Fucker…

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

In Search Of….

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After talking to a friend last night, which is funny she can always hold a mirror up to me, and it makes me think….and a little uncomfortable. I hate being questioned. LOL! It got me to thinking though, what do I want out of life, do I want to get married, kids, or do I want to stay the lone wolf forever.

Remember that old show with Leonard Nimoy where they would look for lost things like Loch Ness, or the Mayan ruins. That’s what my love life has become. After having my heart broken, and doing my share of breaking hearts. I feel like I’m searching for not thee one, but someone who wants to enjoy life as much as I do, but not put the clamps down on me to tightly.

Am I too Picky?

Perhaps, but is it wrong to know what one wants. I don’t need Megan Fox, but then again I don’t . There are certain traits I look for though. A women’s eyes, they have to hold me, and grab me in them. Intelligence is not something I need, but I would like a critical thinker, someone who thinks beyond her self, and who can hold a conversation. Someone who enjoys having fun, and adventures.  Life is fun, I want to live it, explore it. Sure cuddling on the couch watching a movie can be fun once in awhile, but not every night. If knowing what I want in a person I would like to spend time with makes me picky, then so be it.

What’s wrong with Friends with Benefits?

Nothing really. In the past I would of been all for it. Pleasure for pleasures sake is a huge plus in my book, but I think it’s time to put away the toys of a child, and look for something more. I’m not getting any younger, and Friends in Benefits never work out well, because someone develops feelings that the other partner might not have. Recently that’s all I’ve been getting to cross my path, women who just want to mess around and be friends. I want more out of my life, I demand alot from myself, how can I not demand more from someone who wants to be with me?

Am I too much of a Lone Wolf?

Here lies the major problem, I have never really had a healthy relationship. I am guarded, selfish with my time, control and other assorted issues…so many I have subscriptions. Sometimes I feel I have been alone for so long, that when the word commitment starts being tossed around I’ll go running for the hills. This is why my life is chaotic, my thoughts are like a maelstrom, for one minute I want to get married, and start a family, then next I say fuck that I love being single.  

In the end I would like to find someone to share my life with me, I think I got alot going on, but you know what if it doesn’t happen. Fuck it. I’m gonna have fun with life with or without it.

Monday Hangover

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Actually this Hangover started on Thursday, it was the Bear game.  Me and My friends gathered at Talladega’s crib to watch the game. What a great game it was. I even won a few bucks on a strip card. Man I drank, and ate way…way too much. Heck between like 5 of us we drank a gallon of apple pie shots, and Talladega makes them himself with grain alcohol.  After that me a Jackass hit the bars, but I made sure I was home about midnight.

Friday went to this bar in a town in Peotone to visit the Cougar. I told her to wear something sexy, she wore the same outfit she wore on New Years Eve last year…pfft. Good thing I didn’t take a picture with my hand on her boob, it would be like a rerun. Luckily I ain’t her man, I would rectify the situation and take her shopping. Hooker-look is still in right?

Peotone is way down south, a little farming type community, that likes Nascar a little too much. I was mildly surprised though most of clientele were older than dirt, the bar itself was nice, no sawdust on the floor, and no mechanical bull. I went with Jackass, and the Geek Princess. I had a good time, despite the fact I was driving, and couldn’t really drink all that much.

Saturday I stayed in, yep good boy..tried to play some video games, but decided to catch up on watching some shitty movies instead.

Sunday 11/21 was Slava.  I’m mostly Italian, but I am also 25% Serbian. In Serbian Orthodox religion each family has a patron saint. Ours is St. Michael the Archangel, whom my middle name derives from. On that saints feast day (which isn’t the same as Catholic’s feast day entirely) we celebrate our ancestors, with our friends, and family. I went to church with my Uncle, and had a lovely breakfast with him.

Before I continue, sometimes I say stuff in a manner that seems cold, and mean, but I don’t do it with any malicious intent. I said something to Trannylover that at first seemed mean, but after talking to her I made her understand my thought process, we cool now, but I realize that sometimes I may be a tosh harsh, it’s all about the tough love though.

I then fixed a computer for a friend, then progressed to celebrate Slava. My Serbian grandfather Branko, loved Crown Royal, throughout the course of the evening I had 3 shots of it in honor of him. He told me that when doing shots with friends you should always do at least 3 shots. One for coming, One for staying, and One for going. A prolific man my Grandfather was, he could speak 7 languages fluently, and was hard as nails. I miss him dearly.

Though my family wasn’t around I celebrated with my extended family my friends. Nascar, Jackass, Talladega, his cousin, #1, Geek Princess. Trannylover, Polski Princess,  and a few more peeps who I don’t have nicknames for. 

When I was driving home, and I saw Jackass stumbling to his crib, and this morning getting the texts back that says they feel like shit, I knew it was a great Slava, and a great Sunday Funday.

 Thanks for celebrating with me, and as we say in the home country of my grandfather…. Sretna (stretch-na) Slava

Photo Friday

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Haven’t posted one myself in awhile….Gwen is a hottie

Death is only the beginning…

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“Death is only the beginning” – The Mummy

A friend of mine brought up something that really strikes close to home for me. They mentioned that they were confused about Heaven, and Hell, The Afterlife, and so on. We really didn’t get to talk about it much.

I spent my life in search of demons, ghosts, and things that go bump in the night. I have seen some weird shit indeed, but I have never seen anything that confirmed the truth of what lies beyond the veil of death.  I walked lengths of cemetaries, and visited more seances I care to mention. All of these things have not convinced me what lies in the beyond.

“Satan said with a sigh, Christians know more about their hell than I”  ~ Alfred Kreymborg

When Missionaries went to Alaska to try to convert Eskimos they told them about a fiery hell, the Eskimos didn’t convert because to them a fiery hell sounded like a respite from their frozen wasteland.

Alot of what happens after death is based in faith, and belief. My beliefs, and my faith differ from yours, but that’s what religion offers a group of people aligned with our belief, faith, and  morales. Is Christian Heaven, any better than Muslim Heaven….or is Muslim Hell worse than Christian Hell? 

The truth of the matter is none of us really truly know, but if you believe in something with all your heart it doesn’t hurt to believe in something. Even Albert Einstein said there may not be a God, but what harm does it do if you believe in one. None, so keep believing in what you find in your heart to be true. 

“Live every day as if it’s last, because one of these days your going to be right” – Frank Sinatra.

One thing I have come to learn as I delve into things like Zen Buddhism is to be mindful of the present.  My personal belief doesn’t matter, what ever will happen, will. I can’t avoid my fate so why sit there worrying what may come to pass, when I can enjoy the moment, live in the moment and experience what is, and not worry away my life on what could be.  Create your own heaven here on earth, for some of us we create our own hell.

One day I will find out the truth, but I’m in no hurry….are you?

Monday Hangover

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Friday – Stayed in, and relaxed despite being called out by my friends.

Saturday – had a great housewarming party. Brought a Cheesecake, that my guy makes homemade, which is a huge hit,  and the card I gave them they are still laughing at. After that I headed to the Geek Princesses crib, when I arrived her daughter went nuts, I thought I was a Rock Star, she even brought one of her friends to challenge me in an ice cream eating contest…the poor young soul.

So I just chilled with #1, Towelie, Nascar, RJ, Trannylover, and her sister Butters, and the Geek Princess. We had some laughs. Geek Princess has a fridge with no hinges…what the hell is that. So we all laughed at that. So after a bit of drinking, Geek Princess, Butters, Trannylover, and I went to Durbins. Had a fun time there, Trannylover and Butters got into a fight. Thank god I don’t have sisters. geez.

Sunday – Got really drunk with the Bears drink package. Great time with Torino, Commando, Tallegdega, Jackass, his parents, Nascar, and a whole bunch of other people.  We then went to Durbins, that’s when things got wierd, a mystery girl who Jackass dropped the ball on, and an old guy who I had tossed out of the bar, who now come to think of it, I think was the same one I was having problems with at Baileys.

But I wouldn’t dare start shit at Durbins, I’m related to the owner, and if it got back to my Grandpa, someone is going to get hurt.

The 5 Stages

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I’m not talking about the stages at Glastonbury or Coachella. I’m referring to the fabulous stages of grief. That article has proven to be rather helpful for me in the last few days and I’m sure it will continue to be so.

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Happy Veteran’s Day

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First off thank you to all the service men, and women serving our great country, and for those men and women who sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice to make this country great.

There’s a man who is serving now in the Army, who I am very proud of. We use to call him PFC Pinky. We grew up together, and I remember when I first met him. Some bully was beating him up when we were in Kindergarten, and I came to the rescue. We have been best friends ever since.

We had many great adventures together.When he turned 18, he said he was going to join the army. I was in shock. Here’s a guy who took him forever to mow his lawn he was so lazy.

He’s now been in the Army for 20 years, and has made the top enlisted rank you can go. He has served this great country in every conflict, and arena, from Iraq, to Korea and everything in between.

I am proud of my friend. Though we don’t talk as much as we use to. He’s stationed in Germany with his family (his wife, and 2 daughters). He is never far from my thoughts.

It’s men like this, good men, that make this country great.

Gastric Bypass

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Doctor is talking to me about getting a Gastric Bypass Surgery. I have some minor health issues, like my sugars are a bit high, blood pressure is normal and such, but he said as I age the problems are going to get worst.

He said if I get this surgery, all those things will go away, but I wonder will I be trading in one set of problems for another.

An old friend I heard through the grape vine had the surgery 2 years ago. He weighed 381, I weigh bout 360, and now he weighs 240, right where I want to be. This old friend of mine was pretty much like me, loved to drink, and eat. Party animal to the extreme. Said it was the best decision of his life to do.  Then again I hear horror stories, bad ones.

Here’s my problem though, being a big guy is my essence of who I am. That guy who drank more, ate, more, took more punishment then the next guy. That’s who River is. Not that being around 250 is small by any means. It’s just that when something is at the core of your being, how do you change that. Can I change that.

Also is it the cowards way out, a cheat if you will. I can lose weight I done it. I hit some sort of plateau, but if I worked really hard could I lose the weight I need. Do I want to gamble with that. These are the things I have to think through the next few months, and it weighs heavily upon me.