Monday Hangover

Well an interesting weekend to say the least. I stayed in Friday, and chilled.  Saturday I started at JWH for their Halloween Party. 26 dollars all you can drink, can’t pass that up. Fricking had to twist Jackass’s arm to come out. Ended up being a great time. All the girls dressed up so cute.

Couple things though….

I saw a girl that I used to be close friends with, whom I kind of ended that friendship. I thought maybe I was harsh in dealing with her. I thought of going up to talking to her and trying to mend things. You know what though it takes two to tango, she could of come up to me and said something if she really valued the friendship, instead of blowing up on me one night. Then I saw her sister who I had a crush on, she’s obivious to the world. Sometimes with her the lights are on, but nobody is home.  Still there is a twinge in my heart.

OCD is like a drug for me. She just wants to have fun, and a part of me (the old River) would of been happy to oblige. In this stage of my life though I want more. I want someone to go do stuff with, a partner is crime, etc..etc… She made it painfully clear that’s not what she wants, she wants a plaything. The problem is when I get to drinking a little of Old River comes out.  So I have to remove myself from the situation sometimes, cause I don’t trust myself. Sometimes I feel bad up and leaving…but I must.  Plus she was looking real cute in her pirate outfit, and I think WE all know my fondness, and weakness for pirate lasses.

One last thing I saw Gus, and old high school friend who we had a falling out. We promised to be civil to each other, he reminded me about my promise to keep it civil. He’s lucky I am a man of my word, or I would of jacked him in the head on sight, I hate that mother fucker so much. Last time he saw me, he told me I changed. How? He never mentioned. Whatever I’m not going to rehash that tall bullshit story.  Anyway we discussed a mutual friend for a few seconds, and went our seperate ways. The fricking wierd thing is he has this Al Queda, Mountain Man Beard Going. Really? 70’s called they want their facial hair back.

So then I went to Teehans, and Durbins to finish the night.

Sunday was a nice relaxing day, went to my brother’s and hung out. Then hit the bars for a couple of beers. A friend of mine was working, and she’s always good for a laugh.


10 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. So, where is the picture of you in your Halloween costume?

  2. You suck. You’re like the Grinch who stole Halloween!

  3. Sexiest costume this year:

    One at a time boys!

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